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Water projects - pumps & wells

When we need water to cook, clean or drink, we simply turn on a tap, fill up the cup, kettle or pan - we don’t give it a second thought. Now imagine having no immediate access to water.  No clean water to drink, no facility for handwashing and basic hygiene, no way to cook the simplest meals. How would you cope? That’s the situation faced daily by one in ten people around the world. 

Through the building of water wells, water pumps, and providing the means of water purification, Human Relief Foundation is giving communities access to clean water in:

Clean water saves lives, empowers communities

Access to clean water should be a basic human right and is the foundation for for improving living conditions in impoverished communities. Our clean water programmes address a number of issues faced by these communities, putting them on the path to a brighter future.

Health and hygiene: Contaminated water sources are a breeding ground for waterborne diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera and Dysentery - diseases that claim the lives of children and vulnerable populations. Clean water sources can help reduce and eradicate such diseases, reducing infection risk and lowering mortality rates.

Education and empowerment: Clean water plays a vital role in promoting education and empowering communities, especially women and girls. Where a regular water supply is not present, fetching water is predominantly the responsibility of women and children. The time and effort spent on collecting water from distant and often contaminated sources limit time for children to attend school. With this burden alleviated, children, particularly girls, have the time to attend school.

Local economic development: Without a regular water supply, communities can struggle to make their basic needs and are unable to take part in productive activities. Water scarcity can lead to a reduction or the ceasing of agricultural farming activities, which in turn can be a major factor influencing reducing local food security and livelihoods. Clean water sources can assist with irrigation, allowing communities to grow crops in a sustainable fashion.

Creating sustainable water solutions

Our water wells and pump projects have given many communities across the world access to regular, clean water for the first time.

In rural and hard to reach areas, installing such projects can be a difficult proposition.

In Sindh Province - Pakistan, we've been installing solar powered water pumps, allowing communities to draw from a local water source without a constant electrical supply. 

Leave a lasting legacy

To say thank you and commemorate your donation towards a community pump or well will, you will have the option to add a message to an individually numbered plaque. This could be your or your family's name, a memorial to a loved one, or a quote.*

* Installation of a pump or well can take up to 12 months. As soon as the project is completed, we will send you photos of the pump or well with your message on it. If you do not want a message on your plaque, simply proceed with your donation, and we will do the rest.

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