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Ramadan Water Projects 


The Messenger of Allah (saw) was asked, “Which charity is best?” He replied, “[Providing] water”’. [Abu Dawud]


Dirty water kills more people each year than all forms of violence, including War. Yet, 785 million people live without clean water. That’s as if more than the entire population of Europe (748 million) were unable to access clean water. However, donating your Sadaqah can help change this.


£280 will provide a community with clean, safe, water


£10 a month will help fund clean water for a community


Ramadan and Clean Water 

It’s hard to imagine living in a situation where, when breaking fast (iftar) during Ramadan, all your family have to drink is dirty water, which puts them at risk of illness or death. But your Zakat or Sadaqah can change this state of affairs.


Time Too Thrive Hands 

Bringing clean water to the heart of a community allows it to thrive. Because, when people – usually women and children - no longer spend hours every day collecting water for their families everything changes.


Children can return to school, women can set up micro-businesses, families can improve their economic situation, and people stop dying from unnecessary diseases. This is why we work so hard on water projects. .


Sustainability and Sadaqah Jariyah

Providing a well or pump really is gift that keeps on giving, for every one that you install transforms the lives of a whole community, and brings blessings for years to come.


Sa’d ibn Ubadah reported: “He said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, the mother of Sa’d has died, so what is the best charity I may give on her behalf?’ The Messenger of Allah (PBUH), said, ‘Water.’ “ [Abu Dawud]. [Abu Dawud]

Decided to Build A Well or Pump? 

When you decide to build a pump or well, you’ll have the option to add a message to your individually numbered plaque. This could be a memorial to someone, the donors name, or a quote.


As soon as the project is finished, we will send you photos of the pump or well with your message on it. If you do not want a message on your plaque, simply proceed to payment, and we will do the rest.


Note: It can take up to 9 months to complete a water project, as in some locations they can only be constructed at certain times of year.

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