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Black History Month

The first of October marks the beginning of Black History Month. Human Relief Foundation continues to both stand in solidarity with the black community, celebrating its achievement. 

We are proud allies and will continue to speak up and support our black brothers and sisters. 

We know there is more to allyship than just supporting Black History Month. That is why we must ensure that we continue to be an anti-racist organisation and support our local black communities all year around.

As individuals this means doing our part to ensure our black colleagues and friends are heard, and that we continue to support our local black community. 

Before Windrush

In 1948 British Nationality Act gave people from colonies the right to live and work in Britain. The act encouraged much needed workers to help fill post war labour shortages and thus rebuild the economy. Many of those who came became manual workers, drivers, cleaners, and nurses in the newly-established NHS. 

However before Windrush, the contributions of Black Britons helped shape the cultural landscape we see today. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor was a black British composer whose most famous work includes Hiawatha’s wedding feast. Samuel is one of many high profile Black Britons who helped change the cultural landscape by drawing from their own heritage. 

Let us remember these figures in history and ensure we are all supporting future black talent to have their voices heard. 

Our promise

Human Relief Foundation will continue to support communities across the globe regardless of race, religion or gender. We will continue to listen to our black brothers and sisters and offer assistance against anti-racist structure’s. We will listen intently and we will use our voice to help yours be heard. 

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