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Over one hundred million people worldwide are displaced in their own countries or have become refugees worldwide. Families forced from their homes by conflict, persecution and natural disaster, the certainties and comforts of an everyday life are replaced with challenges including a lack access to shelter, food, clean water and other basic services.

A worldwide challenge

Human Relief Foundation has been able to shine a beacon of hope to refugees and displaced peoples, providing food and clothing, safe shelter, clean water, and vocational training – allowing family members to work and provide for their household. There is still much to do and your Zakat and Sadaqah are invaluable to help us achieve more.

  • In Bangladesh, Rohingya refugees are faced with crowded and cramped conditions as they escape persecution and genocide in Myanmar. Find out more

  • Lebanon currently hosts 1.2 million Syrian refugees and around 300,000 Palestinian refugees. Around 40% of refugees are in camps, garages and warehouses, with approximately 75% of families living with other families in cramped conditions.

  • Syria continues to be world’s largest displacement crisis with more than 13 million people having fled the country or displaced within its borders. As the most affected casualties of this conflict, nearly six million children are in need of humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs.We're working with our overseas partners to assist Syrian refugees who have fled to Lebanon and Jordan. Find out more

  • In Iraq, it is estimated that one in ten of the population are still internally displaced. The country is host to over 300,000 refugees and asylum seekers, compounding an already existing crisis, where lack of access to sanitation, clean drinking water, and adequate nutrition are particular concerns. Find out more

  • An increasingly hidden conflict in Yemen has created the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, leaving 24 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. Food is of most urgent need. Malnutrition is rife, with children are amongst the hardest hit. Find out more

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