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International deployments

Upcoming Deployments

  •  Lebanon / Jordan - October 2024

Ever wondered what it feels like to campaign and fundraise for a humanitarian cause and then oversee and hand deliver aid to the people we support? Since 2014, Human Relief Foundation has been offering the opportunity of a lifetime to people like you to embark on a life changing experience in countries including Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Bangladesh and Ghana. We've taken hundreds of volunteers to countries we work in, giving them the opportunity to deliver aid first hand to some of the neediest people in the world. 

During your deployment, you'll learn about the day to day struggles of a refugees and aid beneficiaries, and see first-hand how our work helps change lives and provide brighter futures. You'll discover...

  • how aid is delivered and the challenges charities face in order to deliver that aid;
  • an opportunity to speak to beneficiaries to get a greater understanding on the causes and many struggles and challenges they face everyday;
  • deliver aid first hand, explore the conditions in which people live;
  • and most importantly, spread smiles and create ever lasting memories. 

What is a deployment?

A deployment is an opportunity for a volunteer to fundraise a certain amount of funds and then travel out with a group of like-minded individuals, lead by HRF staff, to a particular area and deliver aid to those in need.  

Our deployments go much further and offer much more. We want our volunteers to understand what it feels like to work in the humanitarian sector, experiencing as many areas as possible. Education on the our work and why we do it is the core element of the program.

We have staff and partners on the ground who can easily deliver the aid, so what is the need for you to sacrifice time with family and friends and travel yourself? We want you to learn

We feel it's very important for our volunteers and donors to understand how we work, and the understand the challenges we face. We also want you to learn more about the cause and the people your generous donations support. Our deployment program allows you to experience all of this first-hand

Download our deployment booklet below to find our more!

OL Deployment Pack draft 3

Deployment FAQs

Do I need book my own flights and hotel?

How are the funds used?

What happens if I miss my fundraising deadline?

Can I postpone my deployment until the next one?

Can I bring cash donations with me?

Can I get a refund of donations?

Can I bring clothes or toys as donations for orphans?

Should I bring spending money?

Do I have the option to cover my own expenses?

Will I have to cover my own expenses?

What is HRFs donation policy?

To register your interest in deployment opportunities, please fill out the form below and a member of the team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact your nearest office directly by visiting our contact page.

Deployment Application Form


Link to the T&Cs: International Deployment Terms and Conditions

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