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Palestine Emergency Appeal

Palestine Emergency 2023

As the world watches on, the humanitarian crisis in Palestine fills us with sadness and the compulsion to come together to support the innocent civilians caught up in this unfolding catastrophe.

Over 10,000 civilians have been killed since the weekend of 7th October 2023, according to local officials. 4,000 of these are innocent children.

The United Nations has stated that 600,000 people have been made homeless. 

The people of Gaza are tired, hungry and scared. They need our support now. With food and medical supplies are scarce, fuel to power hospitals and shelters has running out. The short to medium term outlook is bleak.

  • Population equivalent to the size of Glasgow have fled their homes, leaving everything behind, to find relative safety.

  • Basic services are crumbling. Medicine is running out. Food and water are running out. The streets have started overflowing with sewage. Gaza is on the brink of a massive health hazard as the risk of diseases is looming.” - Philippe Lazzarini, UNRWA commissioner general.

  • 2,360 innocent children have lost their lives due to indiscriminate shelling.

  • The United Nations World Food Programme has stated that only two of their contracted bakeries – compared to 23 at the start of the conflict – have enough fuel to produce bread for the displaced population.

We are working with our local partner - the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA), to deliver humanitarian aid where the need is greatest, when humanitarian corridors open and it is safe for us to do so. 

The UNRWA are working tirelessly, under the most unimaginable and life threatening conditions, providing shelter, food, water and medical assistance. One of UNRWA's schools in Rafah, sheltering 4,600 people, sustained severe collateral damage from a close proximity strike, with another 40 UNRWA facilities being severely impacted by the shelling.

We ask the international community to call for the restoration of humanitarian corridors to allow vital food, medial aid and fuel to enter Gaza and provide a vital lifeline for a population that is barely clinging on to its own survival.

The graphic below illustrates how your donation reaches the people of Gaza.

You have supported us for many years, and know that Human Relief Foundation has the expertise and resilience built up over 30 years, to deliver vital food supplies, shelter and first aid equipment where it's urgently needed.  Today, we ask that you join with us again to give hope to those who have lost theirs in a hopeless situation.

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