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We are here for all humanity during times of crisis and in their aftermath. Together with our volunteers, donors and sponsors, we are changing the lives of millions of needy people every day. Join us!



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Human Relief Foundation
15 hours ago
We’ve had a lovely article in the Asian Leader about our Fundraising Officer, Shareen, and the humanitarian aid work she carried out with the team over Ramadan, in #Jordan, #Iraq and #Lebanon. The projects involved distributing food parcels and providing Iftar meals to some of the world’s most needy people. Read the full article here:
Human Relief Foundation
1 day ago
STRETCHING OUR LEGS THIS REFUGEE WEEK Some of you may not be aware, but this week is #RefugeeWeek – A fabulous opportunity to celebrate the positive impact that refugees have had on British society, and also highlight the plight many of them still find themselves in today. This Refugee Week a team of our fundraising volunteers have travelled out to Jordan from (sometimes) sunny Manchester, to deliver aid to Syrian refugees in the Za’atari camp. A camp in name only, for it is the size of a city, where a population of 80,000 men, women & children are stuck in the limbo that is a refugee’s lot. The Good Neighbour Our work with refugees covers a range of areas – from education projects, food distributions, housing support, orphan sponsorships, psychological support and much more. For we are dedicated to ensuring a better life for those who have had to leave their homes in traumatic circumstances to ensure the safety of themselves, and their families. #WeAreAllHRF
Human Relief Foundation
2 days ago
An Unfolding Tragedy The civil war in #Yemen has trapped civilians in a cycle of disease, malnutrition and a complete lack of services. Children are paying the heaviest price. Our relief teams are on the ground providing humanitarian aid to all those experiencing this enduring conflict.
Human Relief Foundation
3 days ago
From everybody at Human Relief Foundation, we wish all the dads out there a wonderful #FathersDay The Importance of Fathers - While almost any man can father a child, there is so much more to the important role of being 'dad' in a child's life. A good father makes all the difference in a child's life. He's a pillar of strength, support and discipline. His work is endless and, oftentimes, thankless. A Pillar of Support - You also have that chance to be a pillar of support for an orphan in need. For just £35 a month you can change an orphan’s life forever because your orphan sponsorship is a vital lifeline for many vulnerable young children.
Human Relief Foundation
5 days ago
The Unwanted Gift Like a terrible gift that keeps on giving, the fighting in #Yemen continues to deliver illness, death & disfigurement in ever increasing numbers. With more than 70,000 killed since January 2016, & 10,000 people killed in the past five months alone. Our Adam, and his team, recently came across a make-shift camp in the baking heat of Al-Dhalea, south-western Yemen, full of people from Hajar, Shakhab & Al-Fakhir. Conditions were grim. They had little food, ramshackle shelter, no access to clean water, no sanitation, and no medical aid. HRF provided the camp with 5000 litre water tanks, food packs, medical aid, and mattresses, that will make life a little more comfortable for the many families living in the camp. Help us help them: #WeAreAllHRF
Human Relief Foundation
6 days ago
Our Suzanne came in to introduce Kara, the newest member of her, and the HRF, family (obviously little Kara was crying tears of happiness) 😉 #WeAreAllHRF
Human Relief Foundation
7 days ago
"The week was incredible, at times hilarious, and often heart-breaking" Read the full story here:
Human Relief Foundation
8 days ago
How Can You Help the Victims of #BarkingFire? Twenty homes were destroyed and a further 10 were damaged by heat and smoke in yesterday's blaze. It took fifteen fire engines and around 100 firefighters to subdue the fire in East London, Barking. Many people have lost their homes and possessions. Ms Mendez, who lived on the third floor, said her life possessions were "all gone". "Everything is completely gone. Every sentimental thing I own has been destroyed. Just gone - like that. I am thankful for the fact nobody was hurt - or even killed - but I just don't know what's going to happen now." Our London office have set up a campaign to help rebuild the lives affected by yesterday's blaze. The money raised is being given to people affected by the fire, including those who have lost everything. This will help families buy the things they need at this extraordinarily difficult time.
Human Relief Foundation
9 days ago
The Joyless Eid For many millions of Yemeni's suffering in the midst of an ongoing man-made disaster, this is what Eid looked like. It is the everyday grim reality for a population caught up in an ongoing conflict, that leaves them desperately in need of clean water, food, clothing and essential medical aid. The Good Neighbour But you can help people survive this crisis in #Yemen by donating here:
Human Relief Foundation
12 days ago
DID YOU KNOW - that we’ve been working in partnership with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency in Kirkuk, Iraq since 2018? It’s a relationship that has seen thousands of internally displaced families benefiting from the distributions of core relief items, such as hygiene kits, tarpaulins and jerry cans. And our work in Iraq continues.
Human Relief Foundation
13 days ago
Looking for some Va-Va-Voom? Then why not hop aboard the HRF Express and become one of our volunteer fundraisers? It’s a journey that could start with bucket shaking on the streets of Bradford and lead on to delivering aid in Jordan. What you do and how you do it is limited only by your imagination, but don’t worry, you won’t be alone, we’ll help you along the way. Click here for va-va-voom:
Human Relief Foundation
14 days ago
After deployments in Iraq and Lebanon, the final leg of our fundraisers journey involved a hop, step and jump into Jordan, where they distributed Eid gifts and secured sponsorship for a large number of orphans. You can sponsor an orphan from as little as £35 a month - this will cover the child's basic needs, including food and a school kit. We believe that every child should be afforded the same start in life. #Jordan #Iraq #Lebanon #orphans #TheGoodNeighbour
Human Relief Foundation
15 days ago
#Eid Mubarak to everyone from Human Relief Foundation! We wish that you have a wonderful and blessed Eid with loved ones and may you all be rewarded for your efforts this #Ramadan
Human Relief Foundation
16 days ago
Ramadan hasn't ended yet, neither has our work. We will be distributing #Zakat ul-Fitr up until #Eid prayer, so there is still time to be involved. Help us help those in need. For any questions about Zakat ul-Fitr, please contact our donor care team on + 44 (0) 1274 392727
Human Relief Foundation
18 days ago
Violence has torn #syria apart, leaving millions of people displaced, trapped in extreme poverty and unable to return home. According to UNHCR, there are 488,000 school-aged Syrian #refugee children living in #Lebanon. Help us, help the children of Lebanon. #WeAreAllHRF #Zakat #Ramadan
Human Relief Foundation
19 days ago
Eid is just round the corner, it's not too late to make a difference ... #WeAreAllHRF #syria #refugees
Human Relief Foundation
19 days ago
CLEAN WATER IS NOT A LUXURY - IT IS THE MORAL RIGHT OF EVERYONE Yet in the time it takes you to read this, a newborn child will lose their life due to dirty water. In fact more than 400 people an hour die of water related diseases. That's a depressing 3.575 million preventable deaths per year (according to World Health Organisation figures). This is why we put so much energy and effort in to bringing clean water to communities - for it is a gift that keeps on giving. When giving your Sadaqah Jariyah to a pump or water well project, you help create ongoing, sustainable change - ensuring that communities thrive for years to come. You have the option to add a personalised message or plaque, this could be in memory of a loved one, the name of a donor group or a quote. #WeAreAllHRF #charity #cleanwater
Human Relief Foundation
20 days ago
Hope can come in the smallest of packages, in the most unexpected ways. #lebanon #syria #refugees
Human Relief Foundation
21 days ago
YOU CAN FIND LIGHT EVEN IN THE DARKEST PLACES... As our multi-talented volunteer Emdad Rahman discovered when he tried to dribble his way through the Syrian talent in the Arsal refugee camp in Lebanon. He then went on to amaze them with his mind-over-matter tricks by levitating the football. All this and he also, with the rest of the team, found time to do a major food distribution - which was all possible thanks to your generosity :-) #WeAreAllHRF #Zakat #Ramadan #Lebanon #TheGoodNeighbour
Human Relief Foundation
21 days ago
HELPING US, HELP THEM, IN YEMEN "The conflict in Yemen is one of the greatest preventable disasters facing Humanity" a UNDP Report outlines, projecting that the death toll could rise to A QUARTER OF A MILLION by the years end, with 60% of the deceased being children under the age of 5. The people of Yemen desperately need food, water and medical supplies, which is why our volunteers are working night and day in #Yemen preparing food packs for distribution - which your generous support has allowed us to purchase. Thank you for your kind hearts ♥️ and PLEASE KEEP SUPPORTING OUR EMERGENCY YEMEN APPEAL, the people of Yemen still need your help. #WeAreAllHRF #ramadan #zakat
Human Relief Foundation
22 days ago
THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR or ZAKAT-IN-ACTION: Mosul, Iraq TENS OF THOUSANDS ARE LIVING IN THE RUINS OF WEST MOSUL - but our teams are on the ground right now DELIVERING YOUR ZAKAT donations to those surviving in the destruction. BUT MORE HELP IS NEEDED - see how you can help help them: #WeAreAllHRF #Ramadan #TheGoodNeighbour #zakat
Human Relief Foundation
23 days ago
CHARITY-IN-ACTION - Kutapalong Rohingya refugee camp Bangladesh Our Freddie & Kate are out in Bangladesh to assess the state of schools & shelters we've built with your help. And look at where further funds are needed most - such as for these community stoves which have CLOSED DUE TO LACK OF FUNDS. To HELP US, HELP THEM step this way -
Human Relief Foundation is with Waseem Iqbal and 3 others. 24 days ago
THE POWER OF LOVE - We asked for sponsorship for 50 orphans in Mosul. AND YOU DELIVERED 100%. THANK YOU. But don't worry if you missed out, there are plenty more opportunities to help our brothers & sisters, as we've teams out delivering aid RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT. SO JOIN US :-)
Human Relief Foundation is with Mohammed Mutawakil Abubakari. 25 days ago
ZAKAT IN ACTION Out in Ghana our Mohammed, and the rest of the team, are ensuring Your donations are swiftly helping those in need this Ramadan :-) #WeAreAllHRF #ZakatInAction #Ramadan



You can sponsor an orphan from just £35 a month. This will cover the 
orphans basic needs. This includes food and school kit.

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