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Human Relief Foundation
11 hours ago
Abdul Basit Khawaja from our Pakistan office, explaining the work we are doing and planning to do in the drought hit region of Tharparkar. The hand pump was you can see in the back of the video, currently helps 200 people on a daily basis in the village, it is their only source of clean water. Imagine building something which you knew would benefit and serve 200 people on a daily basis? #tuesdaythoughts You can help the people of Tharparkar by donating via our website to the Tharparkar Emergency Appeal - #charity #pakistan
Human Relief Foundation
1 day ago
The situation is getting worse by the day in Thar, 15 infants have died this month due to malnourishment, We are on the ground to help as many people as possible, ⬇️ You can help too by donating using the link below ⬇️
Human Relief Foundation
2 days ago
Yesterday a group of volunteers alongside our team set off to visit Bangladesh to help with projects and distribute aid. They have safely arrived in Bangladesh and ready to kick off their Aid mission with a visit to the Kutupalong Rohingya Refugee Camp! Follow their journey and be a part of the experience through our social media updates. #charity #deployment
Human Relief Foundation
4 days ago
"12 to 13 million civilians at risk of starvation" The crisis in Yemen is getting worse day by day, We are able to deliver aid to those in need, In Yemen. We are one of only a FEW charities worldwide who have access to Yemen and can deliver your aid first hand! ⬇️ You can donate using this link ⬇️
Human Relief Foundation was live. 5 days ago
We are Live NOW on TV ONE UK from 7pm till midnight. Our team are flying out to Bangladesh this Sat - tune to find out more about the aid mission and to support the work visit
Human Relief Foundation
5 days ago
Through the HRF Hot Food Kitchen Project we are able to feed those most in need of hot meals but alongside this, thanks to your kind donations we have been given the opportunity to ensure the students of our HRF School are able to get afternoon snacks. However, this is a facility that may not be able to continue if it does not receive the funds required to run. You can help make a difference today and keep this important facility going by donating here: Our team is flying out on saturday to Bangladesh so you can follow their journey to see how the project is doing at the moment and you will be able to see how your donations are helping to keep the kitchen going.
Human Relief Foundation is feeling excited. 5 days ago
We're excited for our Inspire - A Night Of Entertainment events coming up soon in Manchester. Tickets are selling fast for this event, be sure to get your tickets for this now to avoid disappointment. ⬇️⬇️ Use the link below to purchase your ticket ⬇️⬇️
Human Relief Foundation
6 days ago
💧 Have a plaque with a message of your choosing 💧 Receive a report upon completion 💧 Save lives for many years to come Build a waterpump for hundreds of people in needy countries for as little as £280 today. Call us on 0207 060 4422 or visit
Human Relief Foundation
7 days ago
Over 15 infants have succumbed to malnutrition in Tharparkar, #Pakistan this month. We are acting to aid the people affected by the drought. Please call us on 0207 060 4422 or visit
Human Relief Foundation added 2 new photos. 8 days ago
It's a great start to the week as young children from #Mosul are being given their schoolkits for school. Inspire some #MondayMotivation, donate a schoolkit at
Human Relief Foundation
8 days ago
Millions, including children die every year from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene. Today is #GlobalHandwashingDay and we are reminding people ‘it’s in your hands' 🤲
Human Relief Foundation is in Tamale, Ghana. 11 days ago
These two never stop working 😪 Kassim and Waseem Iqbal have touched down in Tamale, Ghana. They are checking up on projects we have underway in Ghana such as this mosque currently being built on behalf of a generous donor! You can can make this a reality for people who have not been blessed with a mosque nearby by donating towards building one! Get in touch via our website or visit your local HRF office! Stay up to date with the latest news on this journey through the Human Relief Foundation's social media pages and directly from Waseem on his Snapchat and Instagram! #feelgoodfriday #charity
Human Relief Foundation shared Human Relief Foundation - North West's photo — feeling blessed. 11 days ago
Human Relief Foundation have built a medical centre to provide rehabilitation and psychological services for Syrian Refugees within Za'atari camp as well as outside the camp. #WorldMentalHealth You can donate towards our sustainable project in Iraq where we will be building a training centre for Orphans & Widows using our website or using the link in the original post 👇
Human Relief Foundation
12 days ago
Bilal from Fit Fast UK giving you on the low down of the latest @hrflondon event coming up! Be sure to get your early bird tickets! Tickets available on our website:
Human Relief Foundation
12 days ago
We believe everyone has a right to an education and our aim is to to ensure every child, boy or girl, has that right! #DayOfTheGirl
Human Relief Foundation
13 days ago
Take the opportunity and see where it takes you! Volunteer for our next deployment and aid Syrian refugees in Jordan. Sign up at #charity #wednesdaywisdom
Human Relief Foundation
14 days ago
#ThankYouTuesday A massive thank you to Human Relief Foundation - North West's Mini HRF Heroes who did an amazing job raising over £4500 for Orphans in Mosul The team loved having these Superstars with them for the event and we hope to have more events like this in the future!
Human Relief Foundation
14 days ago
HRF in partnership with UNHCR Iraq has been supporting displaced persons both in and out of camps in Kirkuk. We have distributed thousands of relief item over the last ten months. Thousands of homes were destroyed during the fighting in Iraq displacing many Iraqis.
Human Relief Foundation
15 days ago
Abandoned town⁉️ Remains from a past war? ⁉️ ❌❌ Incorrect ❌❌ This is Mosul in the present day and it is not abandoned, people live among the rubble as they have nowhere else to turn, This is an unimagineable thought for most of us but a sad reality for the residents of Mosul, Human Relief Foundation is working on the ground to ensure we can help as much as we can. We are also looking to open a widow and orphan education centre to be able to provide a sustainable future those who cannot even imagine a life past the rubble. You can help make this a reality by donating today on our website: #charity #mondaymotivation
Human Relief Foundation
19 days ago
Last minute reminder for everyone who hasn't got their ticket yet for the event tomorrow, Human Relief Foundation - London are doing an event with SocialMuslims - Networking Events For Professionals Tomorrow. Contact SocialMuslims - Networking Events For Professionals for your tickets or visit #charity #networking #food #burgers #event
Human Relief Foundation
20 days ago
When you set your mind on a goal, you can achieve it! Our Volunteers have shown this time and time again with their perseverance to raise money for less fortunate people. What's your goal at the moment? 📸 - Our volunteers trekked 130km through the scorching Sahara Desert and raised thousands for charity. The trek was organised by @hrflondon
Human Relief Foundation
20 days ago
HRF, in partnership with UNHCR Iraq, is implementing a 12 month project distributing core relief items, such as tents and mattresses etc. to internally displaced people in Kirkuk governorate. #Charity
Human Relief Foundation added 88 new photos. 22 days ago
The team headed to Mosul to distribute aid to the most needy who have been affected by the conflict that has seen Mosul turn into a war zone. The pictures of destruction are city wide and not contained to one area. Truly heartbreaking images which show the quality of life for most Mosul residents.
Human Relief Foundation
22 days ago
Help rebuild the world that's been torn apart by crisis and war. The innocent people of Mosul who have had their lives ripped apart due to conflict are left with nothing but rubble as their homes and livelihood have been destroyed. Help get these people back on their feet #MondayMotivation



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