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For 25 years, Human Relief Foundation has changed millions of lives across the world. We have fed the hungry, provided healthcare to those suffering, put orphans and young widows into education, and replaced dirty, unsafe water with high quality hand pumps.



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  • Human Relief Foundation added 3 new photos. 3 hours ago
    It's UK Charity Week and we're hosting three big events in aid of good causes in three cities starting from this weekend! Find out more at
    Human Relief Foundation added 3 new photos. 1 day ago
    HRF is hosting medical camps for vulnerable Rohingya refugees who have arrived. Your contribution saves lives. Call 0207 060 4422 or visit
    Human Relief Foundation was live. 2 days ago
    HRF are on the ground helping the Rohingya. Help us help them.
    Human Relief Foundation
    3 days ago
    We need blankets for the children who have fled violence. As the temperatures plummet, many children will be going to sleep in the cold. £15 will provide a pack for the whole family. Donate today at
    Human Relief Foundation added 4 new photos. 3 days ago
    Thanks to you, we have opened a Cultural Centre in the Tamale region of Ghana. This will be a safe place for the community providing education, clean water sources and needed facilities.
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    See exactly where your fundraising goes by undertaking relief work abroad in Jordan. Hear the stories and be part of the change. Register your interest today at
    Human Relief Foundation shared their video. 5 days ago
    Your donations are saving lives on the ground. Donate any amount. Call 0207 060 4422 or visit
    Human Relief Foundation
    7 days ago
    We are appealing for your help to provide blankets to those in need this winter for just £15. ✓ You can choose from four countries ✓ Your blankets are locally sourced ✓ These are distributed by our international offices ✓ We provide the updates Call 0207 060 4422 or visit
    Human Relief Foundation
    8 days ago
    Thank you to Co-op Food on Duckworth Lane, Bradford, for their hard work and efforts in raising funds for those in need. As part of the Co-op’s Local Community Fund, profits from your local Co-op store will help the good causes in the local community. Please do support.
    Human Relief Foundation added 3 new photos. 8 days ago
    With HRF, you see where your funds go. Our medical camps continue to provide for the most needy Rohingya refugees. You can donate any amount to the running of the camps by calling 0207 060 4422 or by visiting
  • Human Relief Foundation
    9 days ago
    Today we came across this injured young boy, Abdul, in the HRF medical camp. He was one of the hundreds of people who saw a doctor and received free medication. If it wasn't for your support we wouldn't be able to provide the much-needed services for the #Rohingya people. To contribute towards our medical facilities, visit
    Human Relief Foundation
    10 days ago
    The HRF village project provides shelter, sanitation and much-needed necessities for the Rohingyan refugees. Thank you for your support so far.
    Human Relief Foundation
    11 days ago
    We have had reports that Rohingyan children have been subject to forced labour, beatings and assaults in many camps. This is the sad reality. With your help we are providing safe spaces for them. To learn, to be safe and to be happy.
    Human Relief Foundation
    11 days ago
    Have you signed up to easyfundraising yet? It's a really easy way to raise extra money for us, without costing you a penny! easyfundraising is the UK's number one charity cashback site. There are over 3,100 shops and sites where you can collect free donations for Human Relief Foundation including Amazon, John Lewis, eBay, Argos and Sainsbury's. Sign up for free at and collect donations on everything from groceries to getaways. Thank you, your help will make a real difference.
    Human Relief Foundation added an event. 12 days ago
    LEAD A LIFE THAT LASTS Join us for an inspiring evening and a delicious 3 course meal in aid of Rohingya Hosted by Rahim Jung, Inspiring talks by Mohamed Zeyara, Ustadh Asim Khan, and Yousef Al Mahmoud as well as entertainment from Faisal Salah this will be an evening you do not want to miss. East London Date: 15/12/17 Time: 18:30 Venue: London Muslim Centre, Ground Floor Hall, 46 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1JX West London Date: 16/12/17 Time: 18:30 Venue: Royal Nawaabs London, Hoover Building, 7 Western Avenue, Perivale, UB6 8DB MOHAMED ZEYARA Aspiring Doctor of Medicine based in Toronto, Ca., Mohamed Zeyara is a youth advisor, film maker, and prominent for his online educational and motivational videos. Most of his knowledge is acquired from the 8 years of experience living in Gaza City during his adolescence. Millions watch and follow his work worldwide consisting of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. USTADH ASIM KHAN Ustadh Asim Khan is currently the Imam of Redbridge Islamic Centre, Instructor for the Sabeel institute, & author for He has, from an early age, excelled in academic studies and has gained a Masters in Pharmacy from the University College London, UK, as well as studying Arabic and Quranic Sciences in Cairo, Egypt. He appears regularly on Islam Channel's religious programming & is currently presenting the Dreamer show for Eman Channel. Ustadh Asim has a special interest in Tafsir studies and teaches the subject in London where he lives. FAISAL SALAH Having journeyed with his unique voice and thought provoking lyrics all over the world, he has used the creative arts as a vehicle to connect and inspire all. A multi-talented, internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter-beatboxer, he has the gift of freestyle musical expression which he uses to connect to others, awakening and freeing the creativity in them as he does so.
  • Human Relief Foundation
    12 days ago
    Generous donors are building schools for the Rohingya children. Can you help build more?
    Human Relief Foundation added 2 new photos. 13 days ago
    Our child friendly spaces are providing Rohingyan children the opportunity to learn, play and grow.
    Human Relief Foundation
    13 days ago
    Thank you for your continued support from the team and those whose lives you touch.
    Human Relief Foundation added 2 new photos. 14 days ago
    Jamila from Pakistan, is now creating beautiful garments so she can provide for her and her family. Our donors have been supporting families living under the poverty line so they are able to generate income, learn skills, and gain a sustainable future.
    Human Relief Foundation shared their video. 15 days ago
    A young boy shot in the head. This is what many Rohingya children have had to go through.
  • Human Relief Foundation
    16 days ago
    Your support brings happiness to the lives of the most needy once again. Find out more about any of our projects by visiting Thank you.
    Human Relief Foundation added 3 new photos. 16 days ago
    We are feeding over 1,000 Rohingya children every single day just from one kitchen. With your help we can feed more! Donate any amount to support at
    Human Relief Foundation
    17 days ago
    Ease the suffering of the Rohingya people, and do your part. Our team are on the ground right now. Provide food, water, and other necessities for as little as £5. Call 0207 060 4422 or visit
    Human Relief Foundation added 3 new photos. 18 days ago
    Sher Bahader from Pakistan, is farming organic produce and is now able to sell them to sustain himself and his family. Our donors have been supporting families living under the poverty line so they are able to generate income, learn skills, and gain a sustainable future.
    Human Relief Foundation
    18 days ago
    Your support has helped provide shelter and safety to the Rohingya.



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