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We are here for all humanity during times of crisis and in their aftermath. Together with our volunteers, donors and sponsors, we are changing the lives of millions of needy people every day. Join us!



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Human Relief Foundation added 4 new photos — at Sutton United F.C. 5 hours ago
Tonight a Match for Humanity charity football tournament took place in London. It brought together ex professional footballers, professional boxers, Olympians, musicians and many more who helped raise funds for HRF's Yemen crisis! A big well done to all! To donate towards the cause visit
Human Relief Foundation
3 days ago
"Thousands of Yemeni children could die from severe malnutrition if conditions, including conflict and economic crisis, do not improve soon." Send aid to #Yemen today. Call 0207 060 4422 or visit to find out more.
Human Relief Foundation
4 days ago
£15 can be easily wasted or frittered away. However, £15 can also be used to provide blankets to those living in the freezing cold this #winter. You can save a life today by calling 0207 060 4422 or by visiting
Human Relief Foundation is feeling motivated. 5 days ago
We envision a world in which every man, woman and child can enjoy an empowered life in security, dignity and with equal opportunities, in which the basic requirements of all people are fulfilled. Join the mission, get involved, donate #HumanRightsDay
Human Relief Foundation
8 days ago
What would you need if you lost everything due to conflict? Blankets? A tent? Mattresses? These are just some of the core relief items that Human Relief Foundation has been distributing throughout 2018 in Kirkuk governorate in Iraq, in partnership with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency
Human Relief Foundation
9 days ago
It is with a heavy heart that we are having to announce that unless further funding is secured, our Medical Centre in the Rohingya Refugee camp in Bangladesh will be shutting down at the end of December 2018. This medical camp helps over 200 rohingya refugees daily with a range of treatments including basic primary medical care, basic wounds, maternal and paternal care etc. The medical centre also operates a 100% prescription policy, so if a patient requires a course of treatment that requires medicine for 3 weeks, the patient would be provided with medicine for 3 weeks. Listen as Sophina Khan, Academy of Artistry tells us how important this facility can be in treating Rohingya Refugees This Medical Centre can only stay open with your help, please donate today at: Alternatively you can call: 0207 0604422
Human Relief Foundation added 4 new photos. 10 days ago
Thank you to all Human Relief Foundation Volunteers who have volunteered with Human Relief Foundation - London! 📸 - Some of our London Volunteers #InternationalVolunteerDay #InternationalVolunteerDay2018 #IVD2018
Human Relief Foundation added 4 new photos. 10 days ago
Thank you to all Human Relief Foundation Volunteers who have volunteered with Human Relief Foundation - Birmingham! 📸 - Some of our Birmingham Volunteers #InternationalVolunteerDay #InternationalVolunteerDay2018 #IVD2018
Human Relief Foundation added 5 new photos. 10 days ago
Today here at HRF we are celebrating our Volunteers who help make a real difference to people around the world through their efforts! Thank you to all Human Relief Foundation Volunteers! 📸 - Volunteers with Human Relief Foundation Wales - Swansea #InternationalVolunteerDay #InternationalVolunteerDay2018 #IVD2018
Human Relief Foundation
10 days ago
The team from Human Relief Foundation - London had an amazing time yesterday having lunch with the elderly in a day centre! They also loved playing charades and joining in the Team Quiz. #charity #lunch #elderly
Human Relief Foundation
11 days ago
Big things coming soon! The team are discussing all things #Ramadan as the holy month comes closer! #charity #plans
Human Relief Foundation
12 days ago
£15 Well Spent? Definitely. Help provide warmth to those who aren't as fortunate as us. Visit -
Human Relief Foundation
15 days ago
£15 can be easily wasted or frittered away. However, £15 can also be used to provide blankets to those most vulnerable. £15 can save someone’s life. Our blankets are locally-sourced by our international offices and your donation will guarantee a distribution in time for the harshness of winter. Visit our website today and donate your blanket to the people of Iraq, Bangladesh, Syrian Refugees or Rohingya Refugees
Human Relief Foundation
16 days ago
Although the fighting in Iraq has subsided, many Iraqis remain displaced within the country. Working with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, HRF has been distributing core relief items to displaced Iraqis in camps in Kirkuk throughout 2018.
Human Relief Foundation
17 days ago
Human Relief Foundation Pakistan recently did food distribution in the drough hit area of Thar, Pakistan. This was only made possible due to your donations!, but we must stress like Abdul Basit Khawaja stated in the video, this drought is not finishing any time soon, rain is expected in JUNE 2019. We must help the people of Thar as much as we can through this time, To donate please visit: #ThankYou #Charity
Human Relief Foundation is with Hazera Begum and 18 others. 19 days ago
Watch this video to see the situation in Yemen at the moment, parents are being forced to feed their kids leaves due to the escalating crisis and hunger in the country. YOU can help to change this, you can make a difference. Give towards our appeal today, even something as little as £5 can help make a difference. Donate now using the link below:
Human Relief Foundation
24 days ago
A pair of beautiful smiles all the way from the Kutupalong refugee camp in #Bangladesh. Help children smile, give them food and clothes, give them a happier life. Support our relief programmes at
Human Relief Foundation added 4 new photos. 1 month ago
We have had a good time with Bradford ISoc celebrating Charity week in University of Bradford one day still to go, if you're around university come by the Student Union area and check out the stalls!
Human Relief Foundation added 2 new photos. 1 month ago
"Listening to stories first hand had opened my mind and heart and being in the same room with Syrian #refugees in Jordan has made think so much about my life..." Save lives today. Our deployment teams are transforming your donations into aid #FridayFeeling
Human Relief Foundation is feeling blessed. 1 month ago
Everyone at Human Relief Foundation would like to take a moment to say a huge thank you to our donors! It's because of you and your donations we are able to help all the people we do! Thanks to your donations just in October alone, Our Fundraisers were in the top 1% on JustGiving Our work goes on and our teams work away and this all possible due to you and your donations! #ThankYou
Human Relief Foundation
1 month ago
There were 2.6 million internally displaced persons in Iraq at the beginning of 2018. Human Relief Foundation has been working with UNHCR Iraq in Kirkuk providing emergency, life-saving shelter and core relief items to those forced from their homes by the recent conflict. 📷 - This is one of our latest aid distributions that has taken place in Kirkuk in the last few days.
Human Relief Foundation added 2 new photos — feeling hopeful. 1 month ago
At the start of the week, lets all abandon the doom and gloom of being back at work and let's #BeLikeArmeena and do something positive for Syrian children. These Syrian children have had their lives turned upside down due to the ongoing war in Syria. Let's all have a positive frame of mind and even if you can only give this post a share or a like - lets make a change for the better! - Is the link to donate towards our projects in Jordan with Syrian refugees. Armeena Rana Khan #MondayMotivation
Human Relief Foundation
1 month ago
Huge shout-out to Armeena Rana Khan for joining us on this deployment to aid Syrian refugees in Jordan. You can donate to help these refugees using our website:
Human Relief Foundation is with Human Relief Foundation - London and 3 others. 1 month ago
Waseem Iqbal shows you the harsh conditions Syrian refugee families are living in Jordan. Provide food, give a hygiene kit, give medicine, save lives. Call 0207 060 4422 or visit



You can sponsor an orphan from just £35 a month. This will cover the 
orphans basic needs. This includes food and school kit.

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