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Syrian refugee crisis

A conflict forgotten and forgotten people

The civil war in Syria has spared no one. Killing and injuring hundreds of thousands, and displacing 12 million people, many of whom now exist as refugees in unstable conditions throughout the Middle East.

Since 2011, the majority of those forced to flee the fighting in Syria are those least able to deal with the impact of conflict – women, children and the elderly. Either trapped in overcrowded refugee camps, or leading lives below the poverty line in the cities of Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

We have been providing humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan since the earliest days of the conflict and continue to do so on a regular basis.

With your generous donations, we are able to provide refugees with the basic necessities to make everyday life in a precarious situation more bearable.

The need for assistance continues, something we can only achieve with you. A simple food pack, containing rice, lentils, flour, sugar, bulgar wheat, oil, chickpeas, beans, cheese, dates and pasta costs just £75 and will feed a family for a month. That may not seem a lot to us, but for the refugees, it means the world.

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