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Vocational training

Human Relief Foundation’s interventions involve capacity building for women, youth and other vulnerable groups of communities and focus on increasing self-reliance amongst our beneficiaries, increasing household income and investing on community assets.

Poverty and inequality are significant challenges in promoting stability, recovery and resilience in regions prone to disasters and exposed to recurrent shocks and crises. In these contexts, the most vulnerable populations have had to cope with the challenge of meeting the essential need of their families. Dependent on meagre income, they lack the means or access required to improve their health, education, economic growth, or development in the broadest sense.





Deprived of effective safety nets and social protection systems, poor and food insecure people can neither invest in more sustainable livelihoods nor protect the modest resources they have.



The provision of vocational skills and business capital, as well as other packages of livelihood support, is therefore an essential aspect of our work. These support packages enable vulnerable communities to meet today’s livelihood needs and cope with the effect of conflict, as well as the slow and sudden onset of disasters.


Business training and start-up grants  

Human Relief Foundation supports micro, small and medium enterprises with start-up skills and grants. In the simplest terms, we give people training and money to either start or restart their businesses. This is one of the most effective ways of giving people a chance to take control of their own financial wellbeing.


We have our own bespoke training course which is designed to give beneficiaries a solid understanding of business essentials. We encourage and help beneficiaries put together a business plan and then fund their businesses through the provision of grants.


Sometimes all people need to find sustainable employment is a push in the right direction. We offer this through the provision of practical vocational skills based on analysis of labour market gaps.


Human Relief Foundation works closely with local communities to identify what skills are needed, and then we train people in these skills. This creates skilled workers for the labour market while also promoting sustainable employment for course participants.

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