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Human Relief Foundation


Human Relief Foundation send its condolences to family and friends of the victims of Libya's recent catastrophic flooding.

HRF Libya floods response

All of us at Human Relief Foundation’s offices around the world send our condolences to the families, friends and communities who have lost loved ones due to the recent catastrophic flooding in Libya.

The scale and speed of this tragedy is has been shocking to us all. On Sunday 10th September, Storm Daniel smashed into Libya, unleashing storm force winds and massive rainfall, bringing huge flooding.

Entire communities have been erased, infrastructure washed away by the power of flood water. Dams in the country were breached and washed away by the power of the floodwater, bring more fatalities to an already nightmare scenario.

Nearly 5,500 thousand have died from the effects of the flood. This number is expected to rise as rescue and clean-up operations continue of the coming weeks and months.

Human Relief Foundation is making an assessment of the situation in Libya, reaching out to partner organisations in the country to lend our expertise and support.

All those who have been impacted by this terrible event are in our thoughts and prayers. 

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