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Yemen: The Death of Innocence


Yemen can’t wait for help. They need it now. 5 years of devastating conflict have created the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, and the hardest hit are those least able to deal with conflict and catastrophe - women and children. 


Since 2015 the war has killed and maimed tens of thousands of innocent Yemenis. Ordinary folk, like you and me, whose lives have been consumed by a disaster they have no power to control. It’s created a situation in which 80% of the population, some 24 million people, are in need of humanitarian aid, and 3.65 million have been displaced.


For 16 Million Yemenis Breakfast Never Comes

Every day 16 million Yemenis wake up hungry – including 7.4 million suffering malnutrition, of which 2 million are under 5s - and they remain that way. Unable to break-fast, and feed themselves, for the country sits on the brink of famine. And they teeter on the edge of life.


Conflict & Famine 

The civil war between the Ansar-Allah movement (known as the Houthis), the Government of Yemen and the Saudi Arabian led coalition of Gulf countries, has shattered the economy, and left people forced to sell what little they have, to buy the little there is. 


COVID-19 A Crisis Within A Crisis 

A population already weakened by hunger, the effects of conflict, and a massive cholera outbreak, are not in a position to cope with the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. And neither is Yemen’s infrastructure, where half of all medical facilities no longer function. But we can help give them their best chance to fight off the disease by supplying them with nutritious food packs to help them stay strong and healthy in the difficult days ahead.


Help Us Do More


 With the generous help of people like you, we have been protecting thousands of those at greatest risk: 

  • Distributing food packs
  • Supplying free medical aid
  • Organising freshwater distributions

Yet this man-made emergency continues to unfold at a rapid rate, and the needs of these vulnerable people continue to increase. But with your help, we can provide ongoing support to the people of Yemen in these extremely challenging times


What Can You Do?

A lot it turns out. If you want to help, simply liking our social media platforms, and sharing our Yemen appeal posts, is really helpful, but if you want to do more, you could give money, by donating directly, set up your own fundraiser on JustGiving, or take part in a challenge. And you don’t have to do it alone, get some friends involved, it’s lots of fun.


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