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Human Relief Foundation

Yemen Crisis

Yemen is experiencing a humanitarian catastrophe. We are on the ground. Please donate today.


Years of violent conflict has exposed millions of innocent people to food shortages and disease like never before. The lives of countless families have been turned upside down. Human Relief Foundation (HRF) have carried out assessments and our relief team are delivering your aid to those suffering in Yemen.

“The people were displaced from cities like Dhubab, al-Khokha and al-Mokha. Their houses were first attacked by land forces and then air strikes hit their towns.”

Our work in Yemen focuses on the following:

  • Emergency Food and Water
  • Cholera prevention and treatment
  • Medical Care
  • Support for Internally Displaced People
  • Micro Reconstruction Projects

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Be the answer to the prayers of innocent people caught up in this catastrophe. Donate today.

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