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Najib Naanu is a 32 year resident of Idlib, and is married with one child. He had a regular income, working at a textile factory in the city.

Idlib - Syria

Najib Naanu’s story | from refugee to earthquake victim

Najib Naanu is a 32 year resident of Kahramanmaraş - Turkey, having fled with his family from Idlib, Syria our to the ongoing conflict in the country. Najib was married with one child. He had a regular income, working at a textile factory in the city.

On the morning of 6th February 2023, Idlib heard a colossal noise before the quake struck. He immediately held onto his wife and child to protect them from the falling debris. The force of the quake was too much for his young son, who passed away within minutes of the first impact.

Najib’s wife provided comfort for next few hours, as they prayed and read the Quran. Suddenly, her voice was no more. Najib knew she has too passed away. He lost consciousness only waking two, maybe three days later.

Five days after the quake, still clinging onto flimsy hope of rescue, Najib heard trucks and people – a voice calling out for survivors. Najib, although weak and in physical and mental distress, started to bang on the rubble he was trapped under with a stone. His banging was heard and Najib was rescued. Five days trapped.

Najib was immediately taken to hospital. His injuries were severe. Najib underwent an amputation to his left leg.

Najib lost his wife, son, and personal belongings in the earthquake. His sister and some of her family members were also affected. They lost their homes and had to start over. It has been an immensely difficult time for everyone. Najib has begun to adapt to his new life without his leg and is ready to face whatever the future holds for him.

Your help is needed to rebuild the lives of Najib, and thousands of others like him. Human Relief Foundation works tirelessly with our partners on the ground to ensure that people like Najib are given support, the basic human necessities and hope for a better future. 

We can only do this with your generous support. Please think of Najib, and the thousands like him, who deserve a chance to rebuild a better life out of the ashes of tragedy.

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