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Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The Rohingya crisis is a humanitarian tragedy that demands global attention and solidarity.

Join us as we explain their story, understand the reasons behind their flight, and demonstrate how we can make a difference together.

Since the 1980s, the Rohingya - a stateless Muslim minority from Myanmar (formerly Burma) -  have faced persecution, discrimination, and violence in their homeland. Denied citizenship and basic rights, they have been subjected to systemic oppression, including restrictions on movement, education, and healthcare. The situation escalated dramatically in 2017 when a brutal military crackdown forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes in search of safety.

Seeking refuge in Bangladesh

Faced with unimaginable violence and persecution, the Rohingya have turned to neighbouring Bangladesh for refuge. In what has become one of the largest refugee crises in living memory, over a million Rohingya have crossed the border to seek shelter, food and protection from the horrors they left behind. Refugee camps and facilities in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, have become host one of the densest concentrations of refugees, placing immense strain on local resources, infrastructure and finances.

With refugee numbers increasing, those arriving at camps are confronted with dire living conditions, including overcrowding, limited access to clean water and sanitation, and insufficient healthcare. Children are particularly vulnerable, facing malnutrition, disease, and a lack of educational opportunities.  

As the world's attention shifts to more recent crisis, conflicts and disasters, it's essential not to forget the ongoing suffering of the Rohingya people and the urgent need for humanitarian assistance.

Working together to create brighter futures

Human Relief Foundation’s delivery work with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh has contributed significantly to the humanitarian response program across the country, especially for those living in the camps in Cox’s Bazar.

Over 22,000 people benefited from our Bangladesh project activities or interventions. 10,999 beneficiaries were male, and 11,405 beneficiaries were female.

As with all the countries Human Relief Foundation works in, we continue with our core delivery programmes, delivering food packages, mosquito nets and blankets to those in need.

Human Relief Foundation has been further supporting Rohingya refugees with a number of projects including:

  • Food provision (feeding over 1,000 Rohingya children every day at our kitchen in the Kutupalong camp);
  • Shelter building and providing access to clean, safe water through our wells project;
  • Construction shower and toilet blocks,
  • Installation of  solar panels for the Rohingya communities to enable a source of electricity to power lighting and appliances
  • Vocational training courses to develop skills and create a sustainable future (Read more);
  • Educational projects for children.

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