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Rohingya Fire Emergency


45,000 Flee Devastating Blaze - Rohingya Fire Emergency Appeal


With teams already on the ground, we are responding to the emergency, and we’re doing this now. The devastating blaze that rapidly tore through the fragile tarpaulin and bamboo shelters in which many Rohingya refugees live in at the Cox’s Bazar Refugee camp, has affected 48,267 people, including 24,809 women and girls, has destroyed hundreds of homes, left 15 dead, and hundreds remain missing.

Action Speaks Louder than Empathy - What Can You Do?


Anything you can do will help:

  1. Donate on the website – every pound donated will make a difference because no pound sits alone, they will all join a community of pounds doing good for Rohingya affected by the massive refugee campfire.

  1. Social Media – you can follow, share and like our posts about the situation. This informs others about the disaster and hopefully spurs them to act.

  1. Fundraiser – You can set up your own fundraiser on our website, or on sites like JustGiving.

The evolving nature of the situation will mean that people’s needs change as the days unfold. Fortunately, we are at present on the ground, working on a major building project to provide shelters for 22,550 refugees at Cox’s Bazar, so are perfectly placed to assist. But this won’t help those unhoused by the fire, which is why we need your help. 


We will be working to alleviate the situation, so as to allow families and individuals to begin the slow process of returning their lives to some semblance of normality. 


What Happened


On the morning of Monday 22nd March 2021, a huge fire ripped through the Balukhali camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The rapid spread and intensity of the blaze forced 45,000 people to flee their homes in a bid to reach safe areas. 

The Rohingya campfire has gutted hundreds of shelters, a number of health centres and other facilities, according to officials and witnesses. Thousands are now homeless and, as yet, an unknown number are dead. All of these figures are likely to rise over the coming days and weeks.

The hilly nature of the area where many of the shelters were situated and the lack of an effective water system made the fire particularly difficult to bring under control. 


Rohingya In Bangladesh - A Traumatic Exit


The camp fire is just one further trauma affecting a population of people who were forcibly driven from their homes in Myanmar. It was then, and continues to be, important to provide aid to these vulnerable people – something we have been doing since 2017, efforts that have benefited many thousands of Rohingya refugees since then.


Of the 900,000 refugees that had flooded into Bangladesh by late 2019, some 60% of those were children, and all carried tales of the traumas suffered by themselves, their families, and their communities. The majority of these refugees are located around Cox’s Bazar, making this the world’s largest refugee camp.


An Uneasy Peace


Although safer now, this life-in-limbo has long term consequences, particularly for the young. With 400,000 children unable to access education, and older children and adolescents lacking opportunities to make a living, they are rapidly turning into a lost generation.




As with many refugee communities, the coronavirus outbreak has added another threat to people already living in unstable, crowded, and unhealthy conditions. With 60% of the water on camps contaminated, many people are already suffering with diseases that have weakened their immune systems, making any outbreak especially deadly.


A Successful Partnership


With your help, these last 3 years we have provided a range of aid: from food at our kitchen project, which has fed thousands, medical camps treating 200 people a day, and education through school projects


Help Us Help Them 


Due to your generosity, and acting as your hands, we have delivered a wide range of support and assistance. But the need continues. Which is why we ask you to join us once again in helping those who are least able to help themselves.


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