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Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The Rohingya are a stateless ethnic minority group primarily from the Rakhine state of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). The Rohingya have faced severe persecution and discrimination in Myanmar, where they are not recognized as citizens and have limited access to basic rights such as education, healthcare, and employment.

Many Rohingya have been forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh. Since the 1980s, there have been multiple waves of Rohingya refugees entering Bangladesh due to persecution in Myanmar.

The most significant influx occurred in 2017, when the Myanmar military launched a brutal crackdown on the Rohingya, resulting in widespread violence, rape, and killings. As a result, around 700,000 Rohingya fled to Bangladesh, adding to the already significant population of Rohingya refugees in the country.

Human Relief Foundation has been supporting these refugees with a number of projects including:

  • Food provision (feeding over 1,000 Rohingya children every day at our kitchen in the Kutupalong camp);
  • Shelter building and providing access to clean, safe water through our wells project;
  • Vocational training courses to develop skills and create a sustainable future (Read more);
  • Educational projects for children.

Creating brighter futures

Human Relief Foundation’s delivery work with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh has contributed significantly to the humanitarian response program across the country, especially for those living in the camps and all sub-districts Host community people in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Over 22,000 people benefited from our Bangladesh project activities or interventions. 10,999 beneficiaries were male, and 11,405 beneficiaries were female.

One of our major activities carried out was the construction of mid-term shelters (MTS) for Rohingya communities and the Host shelters construction to host community in Bangladesh. Additionally, we constructed shower and toilet blocks, and installed solar panels for the Rohingya communities to enable a source of electricity to power lighting and appliances.  The native host communities were also supported with government approved shelters, deep tube wells for safe drinking water support, food packages, and emergency support.

Another community-funded project started in October 2022, focussing on Rohingya refugees, providing vocational training for sustainable futures, including sewing machine distribution (read more about this project here).

As with all the countries Human Relief Foundation works in, we continue with our core delivery programmes, delivering food packages, mosquito nets and blankets to those in need.

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