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Warmth 4 Refugees


Warmth 4 Refugees - Winter Appeal

Share your warmth with refugees

As winter begins to descend upon us, it is time for us to remember those who bear the brunt of its harshness without a safe haven. Imagine enduring low to below freezing temperatures without a sturdy roof over your head, or trying to keep your children warm when you can barely afford food. For millions of refugees and displaced peoples, this is a daily reality.  In Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, refugees and displaced people are living in dire conditions, struggling to stay warm, nourished, and clothed during the unforgiving winter months, putting them at risk of illness, malnutrition, and hypothermia. 

They face unimaginable hardships, but together, we can make a difference.

Our "Warmth 4 Refugees" campaign is an opportunity to extend a helping hand to those who have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict, disaster, or persecution. In these challenging times, your support can bring warmth, sustenance, and hope to their lives. Our mission is to provide essential winter food, heating, and clothing assistance to refugees in need.

£15 - provides a warming winter blanket

£30 - provides vital fuel (gas cylinders or liquid fuel) for heating 

£60 - provides a warming winter food pack to feed a family of five

£120 - provides a winter food pack, fuel for heating and blankets for a family of five

The experience to deliver

We’ve been here for over 30 years to address the immediate needs of refugees and displaced people during the winter season. We ask you again this year for your generous donations to provide warmth and hope for those desperately in need.

Feeding against the freeze

Our nutritious, food packs and hot meals are a lifeline for refugee families, ensuring they have access to food that will sustain them through the harsh winter. Included in the food packs is rice, pasta, sugar and non-perishable goods.

Wrapping up warm

Warmth is not just a matter of physical survival, it's also a matter of dignity. We will distribute warm clothing to protect refugees from the biting cold, including coats, blankets, scarves, and gloves.

Heating the home

Heating resources such as fuel, stoves, and blankets provide more bearable living conditions for refugees in camps that often lack electricity, gas or a regular liquid fuel supply. 

You gave your warmth last year, we delivered…

Thanks to your generous donation, we were able to provide winter warmth to 192,835 beneficiaries in six countries. That's almost 200,000 refugees and people displaced by conflict and natural disaster who were able to face the winter with a degree of security and the knowledge that Human Relief Foundation is there to provide assistance when conditions are tough.

What can you do?

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a significant impact on the lives of these vulnerable individuals. Here's how you can support our Warmth 4 Refugees campaign...

Make a donation

Your financial support will go directly toward providing refugees with essential winter resources. Every Pound, every Dinar, every Dollar counts and will change lives.

Spread the word

Share our campaign on social media, with your friends, family, and colleagues, raising awareness of the refugee crisis and the importance of helping during winter.


Together, we can bring warmth, comfort, and the promise of a better tomorrow to those who have lost so much.

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