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We are Human Relief Foundation

For over thirty years, Human Relief Foundation has been providing humanitarian assistance to those affected by natural disasters, armed conflicts, and poverty across the world. Our focus is on providing assistance in the areas of emergency response, education, orphan care, healthcare, and sanitation. Established in 1991, HRF was founded in Bradford,  United Kingdom with a mission to provide assistance to those affected by conflicts, natural disasters, and poverty around the world. We operate on the principles of compassion, solidarity, and sustainability, aiming to alleviate suffering and empower communities to build a better future.

In our early years, we focused on responding to emergencies and providing immediate relief to those in need. As conflicts and disasters continued to affect various regions globally, we expanded our reach and diversified our programmes to address the root causes of poverty and vulnerability. 

As we have grown, we have increased our involvement in long-term development projects, including healthcare, education, water and sanitation, and livelihood support. Our commitment to sustainable development and community empowerment has contributed to our growth and recognition as a reliable partner in global humanitarian efforts.

We have been one of the first responders to major crises in many countries, including displaced people in Iraq, the continuing Palestinian, Syrian and Rohingya refugee crises, and more recently providing food, shelter and clothing in response to the human suffering and devastation brought by the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, and the devastating flooding in Libya. Most recently, we have been working tirelessly to deliver vital aid to the innocent victims of the conflict in Gaza.

Over the decades, we’ve collaborated with other NGOs, governments, and international agencies to maximize our impact. We also engage in advocacy work to raise awareness about the challenges faced by vulnerable populations and promote global solidarity. 

Through our dedication and your support of humanitarian values and a comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of communities in crisis, we can continue to play a vital role in the ongoing efforts to build a more just and equitable world.

Wherever our work is required, Human Relief Foundation is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need and works to uphold the highest standards of transparency and accountability in all of our operations.

Making a difference at home

Here in the UK, we are providing food for those who are struggling financially struggling in London and Birmingham. In Luton, our fundraisers have given help and assistance to local homeless people, providing them with warm clothing, blankets and hot water bottles to ease the effects of a biting winter. In our home city of Bradford, we've recently helped provide for Bradford Central Foodbanks, worked with Bradford for Better on their Big Bradford Clean Up project and been there running errands in and around our neighbourhood during Covid-19.

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