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Clean water for Rohingya refugees

Since 2017, Bangladesh has seen a large influx of Rohingya refugees fleeing persecution and genocide in Myanmar. Many of the refugees are living in crowed and cramped conditions inside a camp at Cox's Bazaar.

Human Relief Foundation has been supporting these refugees with a number of projects including food provision, shelter building and providing access to clean, safe water through our wells project. In addition, we have set up a number of vocational training courses to provide a sense of self worth and income for refugees, who arrived in Bangladesh with nothing.

Deep Tube Well: Rankut Jaitishen High School

Improving community access to clean sources of water reduces risks to health through waterborne disease, creating time for education and other productive activities. Rankut, situated in Cox’s Bazar - Bangladesh, hosting a community of 35 households and 172 school students, is one such are that had been blighted by poor access to clean water. 

With local access to a clean water supply being scarce, people in the area were forced to bring water in from further away. This was both time consuming and a large expense for the community. 

Thanks to your donations, Human Relief Foundation has been able to transform the lives of the community by installing a new Deep Tube Well by the local High School, reaching down 800ft to provide a reliable source of safe, clean water for drinking, cooking and sanitary purposes. In addition, the new well is an active water source for irrigating community gardens, providing locals a source of sustainable fresh food.

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