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Iraq – giving hope to the displaced

Since 1991 we have been giving support to the people of Iraq. A people who, over three decades, have endured conflict, economic sanctions, social strife, and widespread violence.

It has created a country whose fragility make it vulnerable to internal tensions and regional unease.

Although out of the news, the crisis in Iraq continues as the country rebuilds. Poverty and financial insecurity are rife, with people often forced to sell whatever they have to meet their immediate needs - such as regularly putting food on the table, and keeping a roof over their heads.

Our food security projects are a key component of our overall strategy in Iraq, providing healthy nutritious food to a hungry population.

Although the conflict with ISIL is over, the impact of this bitter struggle added to the troubles of an already beleaguered Iraqi population. It has left cities like Mosul largely destroyed, a population living in the ruins, and significant numbers of people still internally displaced.

The effects are still being felt today with 5.6 million Iraqis (including 2.6 million children) still in need of assistance, 1.77 million of who have acute humanitarian needs. 1.4 million people are still internally displaced, with 70% of them having been displaced for more than three years.

The continuing civil war in Syria has also added to, and compounded, the situation in Iraq, with approx. 250,000 Syrians refugees, of which 154,000 are children, seeking refuge in the country.

With your help we will be able to continue supplying critical aid to these vulnerable families and individuals, in the form of food, shelter, hygiene supplies, and essential household items such as blankets and mattresses. 

Vocational training for sustainable futures

It's not just the tangible support that makes the difference. Human Relief Foundation has been running numerous vocation learning sessions throughout Iraq, to provide brighter and sustainable futures for those who have been displaced and are looking to rebuild their lives. Our training courses cover a wide variety of employment opportunities, including I.T, graphic design, electrical engineering, sewing, hairdressing, and cosmetology.

Take a look at the videos below to see how our vocational courses have transformed lives in Mosul.

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