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In Pakistan, over 5.5 million children are currently out of school, the second highest number after Nigeria. 

In rural areas, literacy in girls is under 10%. Children who do not receive an education are more likely to be exploited or forced into slave labour when they become adults.

There are many challenge plaguing school-age children in Pakistan.

These challenges include poverty and long-standing traditions. Many parents cannot afford to pay for tuition fees for their children, and many schools suffer from low attendance rates and a lack of suitable teachers.

Read Husna's and Samina's story below.

The HRF relief team met Husna and Samina and found out that they were not getting regular education.

The sisters used to go to a Government School, but it closed down because the government couldn't find a teacher as per the standards of the public sector.

For over two years, these girls have not had access to basic education.

We believe every child has the right to education.

From our permanent offices in Islamabad and Isakhel, we identify children most in need of an education and change their lives by enrolling them back into school.

We will supply the children with everything that they need including books, stationary and a uniform. As well as that, we will pay their tuition fees.


  • Six schools have been established in Tharparkar, Sindh
  • A further two are being established
  • Staff are employed as teachers to educate youngsters
  • Over 250 students have been enrolled back into school with all fees paid for

At Human Relief Foundation we are committed to ensuring children receive quality education. You can help brighten lives for the future, by sponsoring a child's education.

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