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Water Projects

Human Relief Foundation are installing wells in communities without access to water that is safe to drink.

One out of five deaths in children under five is a result of
contracting a water-related disease.

A boy drinks from a tube-well in Syria, where water is scarce.

884 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. Every day the number of people dying from diseases related to water is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every four hours.

There is enough water on the planet for everyone. What developing countries are lacking are the resources to implement equipment to make water sanitary and safe. In developing countries people are often left drinking unsafe water from rivers and puddles.

They are also left without working toilets, which heightens the threat of water related diseases. In 2013, unsafe water is still one of the world’s biggest killers.

At Human Relief Foundation we are committed to providing communities with clean, safe water to drink. You can help us do this, by funding a HRF water well overseas.

Water at HRF

One hand pump takes about three days to construct, but its impact is enormous. Pumps last for many years and provide a clean source of water for hundreds of people in developing communities. They relieve parents from the burden of carrying their children for many miles to collect safe water, and prevent children from drinking local, untreated water when they are out in the street. 

By paying for a Human Relief Foundation water pump, you are helping hundreds of people stay safe and healthy for many years.

Human Relief Foundation understands that donors like to see evidence of their contribution, which is why we will place a plaque on the side of your well with your name on it and then send you photographs. Were possible, we will also attain images of local communities using your well, and will feedback to you any comments or gratitude they may offer.

You can choose in which country you would like to construct your hand pump. If you choose General Water Fund, then you are making giving Human Relief Foundation permission to submit your donation to the neediest community we are working with.

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