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Human Relief Foundation


The Good Neighbour

Eid ul-Adha is upon us once more, and this time of celebration presents us with an opportunity to make life a little easier for those suffering poverty and deprivation.

Totally Islamic

For almost 30 years we have been acting as your hands. Taking your good intentions and making them a reality, by distributing your Qurbani to needy communities throughout the world. And all according to Islamic principles.

It is a responsibility we take seriously, for we know that trust is hard won but easily lost.

Totally Local

Our years of experience also mean we have built up relationships with local suppliers we trust. People who care for their animals. Which means you purchase high quality meat, at a fair price, for those who receive your Qurbani.


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Our Qurbani Leaflet

If you'd like to download our Qurbani leaflet, please download via the link below.

Qurbani Leaflet (PDF)

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