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Ameen Water


"To pour water from your jug into the jug of your brother is charity." (Bukhari)

Water has the ability to give life and is something we all need in order to survive. When we wash or take a sip of water, it is all too easy to take this simple yet vital substance for granted. However, there are many thousands of people around the world who simply do not have this luxury. For them, water is something precious to be treasured, rather than something which is constantly on hand whenever it is needed. 

This Ramadan, take the opportunity to reflect on your own water usage and consider those who do not have access to something we use multiple times each and every day. 

Remember to be grateful and give thanks for the blessing of water while sparing a thought for those who are less fortunate. In some parts of the world, walking miles to collect water is just another part of daily life. Survival depends upon the consumption of dirty water, often leading to further health complications. 

During Ramadan 2018, Human Relief Foundation will be making a positive change for the better by providing access to clean, safe water for hundreds of vulnerable people across the world. 

Our team will be working in the areas where help is most needed to overcome the burdens these people face every single day. From building water pumps in India to reconstructing the water system in war-torn Mosul, we aim to ensure the most basic human need is no longer a struggle for survival. 

We hope to prevent children drinking dirty water and ensure the elderly no longer need to walk for miles every day just to collect water. We are tirelessly working to transform your generosity into a ready supply of clean, safe water to preserve the life of someone in need. 

Donate to our ‘Ameen Water’ campaign and be the answer to a brother or sister’s simple prayer for water this Ramadan.

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