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A traumatic exit

Yemen can’t wait for help. 5 years of devastating conflict have created the largest humanitarian
crisis in the world, with 80% of the population, some 24 million people, in need of humanitarian
assistance. A figure that includes 12 million children, of which 2million under 5s are suffering
from acute malnutrition.

Conflict and Famine

The conflict between the Ansar-Allah movement (known as the Houthis), and the Saudi Arabian
led coalition of Gulf countries, and the Government of Yemen, has seen thousands killed,
millions displaced, and the economy shattered. People have been forced to sell what they have
to buy the little there is, as the flow of food into the country has been massively disrupted,
leaving many millions only a short step away from famine.

COVID-19 A Crisis Within A Crisis

A population already weakened by hunger, the effects of conflict, and a massive cholera
outbreak, are not in a position to cope with the impact of COVID-19. But with you, we can help
give them their best chance to fight off the disease, for by supplying them with the clean water,
and nutritious food packs, we help them stay strong and healthy  

Help Us Do More

We have been distributing food, and supplying fresh water, yet this man-made crisis continues to
unfold at a rapid rate, and the needs of these vulnerable people continue to increase. But with
your help, we can provide ongoing support to the people of Yemen in these extremely
challenging times.


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