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Human Relief Foundation

Our Partners

Human Relief Foundation works, and has worked, in association with other international NGOs and funding bodies to deliver emergency aid and long term, strategic programmes across the world.


In camps in Somalia, internally displaced person have a severe lack of sanitation devices. Human Relief Foundation and UN Habitat want to change this.

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World Food Programme

Alongside the World Food Programme, Human Relief Foundation is feeding 66,000 needy Syrians every month.

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United Nations Development Programme

Human Relief Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme believe that every child is entitled to an education. That is why we are making schools safe places for girls and boys.

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World Health Organisation

In association with the World Health Organisation (WHO), Human Relief Foundation has been tackling basic health issues.

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The European Union

The European Union work in partnership with Human Relief Foundation to deliver peace building projects around the world. Our most current work is with Syrian refugees.

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Human Relief Foundation has been working with UNICEF since 2013. Together, we're treating people suffering from treatable but life threatening illnesses.

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