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Rohingya Emergency

Human Relief Foundation’s relief team are distributing much-needed aid to the Rohingya refugees who have fled for their lives.

An Amnesty International report highlighted unlawful killings, multiple rapes and the burning down of houses and entire villages in a “campaign of violence against Rohingya people that may amount to crimes against humanity.”

  • The Rohingya have suffered years of persecution in Burma
  • In 2009, a UN spokeswoman described the Rohingya as “probably the most friendless people in the world.”
  • Countless people have fled their homes due to the violence
  • UN states over 85,000 have arrived in Bangladesh following the violence
  • Refugees are receiving little aid and help

Our team is on the ground in Bangladesh distributing your aid

HRF’s Waseem Iqbal, said: “There’s so many different stories and it seems each one is worse than the last. These aren’t things we can change and go back in time and make a difference to. But what we can do is give people really basic necessities like food."

“For a lot of these people, it is the difference between whether they eat, or they don’t eat. We met one lady who told us that she hasn’t for eaten for two days and she was so happy in receiving this food pack.”



Families are in dire need of food and water, having escaped persecution from Burma. 

Food packs are locally sourced by the HRF team and are made up of various food items such as rice, oil, flour, lentils, onions, lentils and semolina.

These are then packed and distributed to the most needy as part of emergency relief efforts.


HRF installs waterpumps and wells in multiple countries.

A water well built on the borders of Bangladesh ensures Rohingya refugees who are residing there receive a clean water supply.

To find out more about our water projects, click here.


The Rohingya have limited or no access to adequate healthcare, many living in squalid camps with nowhere to go.

HRF is running medical camps in Bangladesh for the Rohingya refugees who have arrived to the borders.

Medical doctors, nurses and helpers aid up to 80 vulnerable people in on day, prescribing patients check-ups and prescriptions.

These camps need funds to continue running, so your support is vital.


You can donate towards a emergency food pack for just £55, provide emergency healthcare through a Medical Camp or donate any amount towards our Emergency Fund which ensures aid reaches to those who need it most.

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