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Human Relief Foundation

Sponsor Expectations

Human Relief Foundations believes that sponsorship
should be clear and straightforward.

By sponsoring a child or family you have committed your own money to help others less fortunate, and we believe that managing expectations is essential for a happy and enduring relationship between you, HRF and the children we are helping. We provide the following to our sponsors for their reassurance;\

  • A profile and photo of the orphan/family sponsored.
  • Sponsorship agreement form, and payment details (to be filled by the sponsor).
  • Sponsorship programme objective and terms of reference.
  • You will also receive an annual comprehensive report about your sponsored orphan or family, which will include:
  • Recent photo of the sponsored orphan/family.
  • Correspondence from the orphan or family to the sponsor (letters will sometimes be translated).
  • Information on educational level, livelihood and health conditions of the orphan or family.
  • Copies of receipts – signed by the beneficiaries as proof of your sponsorship.

Sponsorship packs will be provided electronically or by 2nd class mail.

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