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Orphans and families

You can sponsor an orphan from just £35 a month. This will cover the child's basic needs. This includes food and school kit.

You can sponsor an orphan from just £35 a month. This will cover the
child's basic needs. This includes food and school kit.

You can also sponsor a family living below the poverty line for just £50 a month. This provides needed food assistance.


There are estimated to be over 153 million orphaned children around the world. There are also millions of entire families left vulnerable because of armed conflict and war, HIV and Aids, trafficking, exploitation and extreme poverty (UNICEF 2011).

Human Relief Foundation has been protecting the needs of orphans and vulnerable families (OVFs) since it’s founding in 1991. Our current OVF programmes are supporting the vulnerable in Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestinian Occupied Territories, and Somalia. 

With the support of our donors and volunteers, HRF is working to ensure that the world’s most vulnerable and impoverished children have sustained hope.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who need help across the globe. HRF needs continuous support in order to access them and provide them with the help they need.

At HRF an orphan is defined as;

“Any child under the age of 18 years old who has lost through death one or both parents”

 Human Relief Foundation’s extensive fieldwork in the most devastated and fragile states has necessitated the expansion of our support services to meet the needs of critically poor and vulnerable families.

At HRF a vulnerable family is defined as;

“Any family living in hardship, whether economically, socially, with health difficulties suffering from a lack of financial resources”

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