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Orphans and families

You can sponsor an orphan from just £35 a month. This will cover the child's basic needs. This includes food and school kit.

Change a life today

You can sponsor an orphan from just £35 a month. This will cover the child's basic needs. This includes food and school kit.

Sponsor an Orphan in Need

Here at Human Relief Foundation, we believe that every child should be afforded the same start in life. Sadly, it is reported that hundreds of millions of children around the world have been orphaned, many of which have been left to fend for themselves. Whether through war, conflict, poverty or exploitation, these children have been left without the most basic necessities in life.

When a child has tragically lost one or both of their parents, it often leaves them with very little help to assist them through what is already a heartbreaking situation. Many of these orphans are left without family to give emotional guidance and support to ensure their development isn’t affected by their circumstances.

Why sponsor an orphan? We desperately need to help these children and families overcome the situation they find themselves in through no fault of their own. Children around the world are going without food, water, shelter, adequate support and education. Sadly, this makes it all the more difficult for them to overcome the cards they have been dealt. Your sponsorship will allow them to be a child and build a future they can look forward to.

Sponsor an Orphan

We have been working to protect the needs of vulnerable families and orphans across the globe for almost 30 years. Orphans in Iraq, Ghana, Jordan, Pakistan, Somalia, Palestine and refugees from Syria have all been given a helping hand through our sponsorship programme and our volunteers, giving them much-needed hope.

You can sponsor an orphan with Human Relief Foundation from just £35 per month, to help towards the cost of living, food and everything they need for school. It goes without saying that a child’s basic needs must be met, but education and the emotional support given at school is critical to ensure these children grow up to have the future they deserve.

We also work with vulnerable families that live below the poverty line, who, despite their best efforts, are in need of help to get by. A sponsorship of just £50 a month will ensure these families have the food they need to survive and make ends meet.

Why Orphans Need Your Help

Here in the UK, horrifying statistics suggest there are over 4 million children living in poverty, which is a scary thought. However, the staggering numbers of orphans in need – 153 million across the globe - means it is more important than ever before that we get sponsorship for these children. With no parents to support and care for them, they are left alone to fend for themselves.

There are babies, children and teenagers that are in desperate need of food, clothes, bedding, healthcare, education and the general emotional support that so many people take for granted. These orphans have had a bad start in life, but with your help, we can help transform their today and give them a tomorrow to hope for.

What Does Your Sponsorship Pay for?

When you sponsor an orphan with Human Relief Foundation, you can choose an orphan or family that your donation will go towards. Our minimum monthly sponsorship of £35 for a child and £50 for a family could make all the difference. What’s more, with a consistent source of income, you can rest assured that your sponsorship will have a lasting, sustainable impact that will change lives.

Could you imagine being without clothes and shoes that fit, or were adequate enough to keep you warm? Could you imagine feeling weak with hunger? Could you imagine the pain of being a child who doesn’t understand why their life is this way, with nobody to tell them that everything is going to be okay or tuck them into bed at night? Could you imagine a life without education? Your sponsorship might not sound like a lot, but to these orphans, it is everything.


Your orphan report

Our Annual Orphan Report is sent out to donors who sponsor for a yearly period. It details how your orphan is doing in his or her life and even includes a personal message from him or her.

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What You Can Expect

When you commit to sponsoring a child with Human Relief Foundation, we understand that you will want to be kept in the loop and updated on the orphan that you are helping. We appreciate your ongoing support just as much as the children do, which is why we provide a whole host of updates for you, to reassure you that your money is being put to good use.

When you sponsor an orphan, you can expect:

  • A photo of your sponsored orphan
  • Details of the sponsorship programme and terms of reference
  • An annual report about your sponsored orphan
  • Recent photographs and updates
  • Correspondence from your orphan – these may be translated
  • Information regarding education, health and livelihood

With regular updates, you can see exactly how beneficial your sponsorship is, and the difference that you are making to a young person’s life.

Please Help an Orphan in Need Today

By working with Human Relief Foundation, your sponsorship can make a real impact on the life of an orphan in some of the most war-torn parts of the world. Children are the future, but without your help and support, these children will struggle to make it through to adulthood. Your support can really mean the difference between a life on the poverty line and giving these orphans hope for a better life - one that they have chosen to live.

It has never been easier to help an orphan in need with Human Relief Foundation. Simply choose your orphan or family to sponsor, fill in your personal details and start your sponsorship journey today.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your orphan sponsorship.

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