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Human Relief Foundation

Orphan And Widow Education Centre

Donate towards the centre and play a vital role in changing hundreds of lives.

Human Relief Foundation (HRF) has been given the opportunity to build a brand new orphan and widow education centre in the heart of war-torn Mosul, Iraq.

This new centre – 700 square metres of space – will meet the needs of orphans and widows every single day, help them develop life skills and give them the chance of a brighter and safer future.


Aim: To aid in the rehabilitation and education of orphans and widows

Location: Mosul, Iraq

Size: 700 M2

Ground Floor: For practical classes, information, administration and research

First Floor: For theoretical classes, computers and communication skills, and technical training

Creative spaces and spacious classrooms will offer the ability to learn as qualified instructors and lecturers will ensure to give users the education they deserve. Classes will include training on construction, tailoring, repairing, and many more.

The centre will include the following rooms:

  • Administration rooms
  • Practical lecture rooms
  • Theoretical lecture rooms
  • Lectures and researchers rooms
  • Creative spaces
  • Washroom and bathroom facilities

Donate towards the centre and play a vital role in changing hundreds of lives.

Orphans and widows in Iraq

  • Although there are no official figures, it is estimated there are over one million orphans in Iraq
  • Conflict and violence in cities such as Mosul has displaced millions of widows and children
  • Orphans and widows both face a host of issues such as literacy, safety and security
  • The city of Mosul is recovering from the aftermath of conflict leaving orphans and the displaced particularly vulnerable
The result of your efforts

Here at HRF, we know that donors wish to see how their money is used. We are committed to showing our donors the end result of their donations.

As an example, last year we fundraised for a medical centre to be built in the heart of Za’atari for Syrian refugees in Jordan. As well as providing updates on progress, we showed you the result.

Now your medical centre provides the vulnerable in Za’atari camp with primary and secondary healthcare every single day.

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