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We all like to ensure that the most is made of our donations, especially during the blessed month of Ramadan, when those donations mean so much more. Whether it's your Zakat or Sadaqah, Human Relief Foundation will use it in the most efficient way to maximise its value.

We've teamed up with Givematch this Ramadan to make your donation go even further. If you donate £50, Givematch will match this amount make it £100. 

That's right, your donation will now deliver double its value. That could be 20 Iftar food packs rather than ten, or four clean water sources instead of two.

Want to double your donation? Here’s how…

It takes just three simple steps to double the value and delivery of your donation...

  1. Click the button below to make your donation
  2. Share the link provided when you donate to your friends and family 
  3. When two people donate through your link, your donation is doubled!

It really is that easy! Don't delay.... donate today and tell your friends how they can double the value of yours and their donations to Human Relief Foundation through Givematch.

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