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Since 1991 we have been giving support to the people of Iraq. A people who, over 3 decades, have endured conflict, economic sanctions, social strife, and widespread violence.It has created a country that whose fragility make it vulnerable to internal tensions, and regional unease.With 1.6 million people internally displaced, including some 250,000 Syrians refugees, and 6.7 million people in need of urgent humanitarian aid - half of which are children – the situation remains desperate for many.


The coronavirus will add another layer of suffering to a population that has had little respite
from trouble over the years. It is a situation that will be made worse for those may tens of
thousands living in poverty, and in unstable situations. For these are the people least able
to deal with this crisis within a crisis.


However, with your help we will be able to continue supplying critical aid to these
vulnerable families and individuals, in the form of food, shelter, hygiene supplies, and
essential household items such as blankets and mattresses. We have also been working
with key partners to restore houses and accommodation destroyed during the conflict with

So join us, and together we will transform the lives of thousands

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