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International Deployment Terms and Conditions


Spaces are limited on each field trip and will be prioritised to those who have completed their fundraising targets on a first come first serve basis. If you have completed your fundraising target and the spaces have already been filled out, we will try our best to fit you onto the trip, if we cannot, we will put you on the next upcoming deployment. 


This Volunteer Agreement is a description of the arrangement between us, Human Relief Foundation (hereafter ‘HRF’), and you, the Volunteer in relation to your voluntary work. The intention of this agreement is to assure you that we appreciate you volunteering with us and to indicate our commitment to do the best we can to make your volunteer experience with us a positive and rewarding one.

1. Volunteer’s Image

When volunteering for HRF, you are representing the charity to the public. Your actions reflect on us and inform the impression individuals will have of the charity. It is essential that we always present HRF in the best manner to instil confidence and charitable brand loyalty in our donors.

2. Volunteer Behaviour

Since you will be HRF’s representatives to the general public, we expect a certain level of professionalism from our volunteers:

  • Be respectful and polite to all donors, the general public, fellow volunteers and HRF staff;
  • Follow the instructions and guidance given to you by your local HRF team;
  • Do not swear or use inappropriate language whilst volunteering;
  • Avoid physical contact with volunteers, staff and the general public to maintain boundaries and avoid the intrusion of others’ personal space;
  • Respect the right of your peers to work in a safe environment, free from bullying, harassment, disorderly and threatening behaviour;
  • Recognise the diversity of the HRF community and avoid discriminating against on the basis of others’ age, ethnic origin, race, nationality, religious faith or affiliation or lack thereof, political affiliation or opinions or lack thereof, sex, gender, sexuality and ability or disability;
  • Act within the law and not engage in behaviour likely to bring the charity into disrepute.

3. Resources

You must not abuse any resources you have access to, whether it’s a computer, stationary or HRF branded paraphernalia including T-Shirts, badges, pens etc. You must also respect the environment in which you are working in, such as not littering, and avoid causing intentional damage to HRF property.

4. Dress Code

Whilst volunteering you must wear a HRF T-shirt or hoody at all times, which one will be decided by your local HRF team based on the nature of the event/activity. T–shirts and hoodies must not be worn for fundraising activities not authorised by your Staff Supervisor.

5. Social media, social networking & taking videos/pictures

You must comply with the Social Media and Safeguarding policy’s, and ensure to follow these at all times. Your image on social media is reflective of HRF and the conduct with your fellow volunteers, HRF staff and donors on these platforms must maintain a certain level of integrity and respect:

  • Be respectful and polite to all those you interact with on social media platforms;
  • You must not advocate violence, terrorism or extremism, be it via post or sharing content via WhatsApp. Instant messaging is an effective and easy way to ensure you are kept up to date of all the work we at HRF are doing and to obtain information about how you can help. This resource, however, must not be abused and the welfare of fellow volunteers must be recognised;
  • There is only one official HRF Deployment WhatsApp group per deployment for volunteers managed by your local HRF Team, all other groups social groups must not be affiliated with HRF;
  • All messages on the official HRF WhatsApp group must be charity related. The group may exist after the deployment for purposes of keeping in touch with fellow volunteers and staff, while maintaining appropriate behaviour and respect for others;
  • You must maintain the privacy of fellow volunteers by not giving out personal information, including contact details of the volunteers within the group;
  • You must not unnecessarily message or call fellow volunteers on the WhatsApp group without gaining their permission first;
  • Any footage taken on deployment by volunteers remain the property of HRF and cannot be used for fundraising for other NGO’s and charitable bodies/ventures;
  • Be mindful of taking pictures and videos of beneficiaries while in camps and other areas. We encourage you to take footage of distributions and the likes for purposes of keeping donors and supporters updates on social media, however AVOID taking any footage of beneficiaries without their direct permission, especially of children without their guardian’s/parent’s permission. We will have one or two staff members allocated for taking footage of you and other volunteers, so that we don’t have too many phone’s/camera’s out during distributions, keeping beneficiaries at ease and preserving their dignity. The dignity of beneficiaries is highest priority before any “picture worthy” moments.

6. Health and Safety

You must comply with the Health & Safety Policy at all times and report all accidents and injuries whilst volunteering, no matter how minor, to your HRF Supervisor.

7. Safeguarding

You must comply with the Safeguarding Policy at all times and report any allegations or concerns you may have to your supervisor at HRF so they can provide this information to the local safeguarding focal point to be investigated. You will be trained on safeguarding prior to your deployment.

8. Equality, inclusion and diversity

We ensure that everyone has the same opportunity, to fulfil their potential free from discrimination; we also ensure everyone feels comfortable to be themselves at work and we also ensure that we celebrate everyone’s individual differences amongst the workforce. Please ensure you make everyone feel welcome and included in the group while on Deployment.

9. DBS

If your voluntary duties are likely to bring you into contact with either children or adults at risk at some point in the future, we reserve the right to request you to undergo a record’s check via the Disclosure and Barring Service. You have the responsibility to carry out your own check and provide an up-to-date DBS certificate. We will be obtaining any relevant information from you in regards to the DBS certificate.

10. Fundraising/Dealing with money

You must comply with the fundraising agreement and make sure the donations collected are all credited into HRF bank accounts and the information provided to the relevant HRF employees. You must provide accurate information in regards to the funds raised and report any money missing or misplaced.

If you have collected cash from donors as a method of fundraising, it is an essential step to put it into HRF bank account otherwise the total amount must be given to staff members or your fundraising officer before events and deployments are taking place. No cash-in-hand for the purpose of the relief work is authorised to be taken on deployments by volunteers.

11. Confidentiality & Data protection

Volunteers may come across or be given sensitive information and you must maintain this confidentiality and understand your responsibility not to misuse any information or pass it on unless sharing the information if it is required by law. If you need to discuss anything, please speak to your HRF Supervisor or a HRF Manager. Please comply with the Data protection policy, this policy will be provided to you in your induction.

12. Duty of care policy statement

It is our Moral and legal obligation to ensure everyone associated with HRF, whether being an employee or volunteer, is fully protected from any personal physical or emotional harm either being on the premises or when engaged in activities relating to HRF. It is our duty to protect the health and safety of others at the workplace. This duty is placed on:

  • All employees/organisations;
  • Their employees/volunteers.

In accordance with our duty of care to individuals volunteering for HRF, we aim to provide:

  • A safe volunteering environment;
  • Information and instruction on workplace hazards and supervision of volunteers in safe work;
  • The provision of health and safety advice;
  • Safeguarding training and the policy to be provided.

We will ensure that:

  • For each volunteering activity the organisations ensure to carry out risk assessments;
  • All volunteers are made aware of the Health & Safety and Safeguarding Policy and a copy
    will be provided to them;
  • All employees and volunteers are covered under the organisation’s insurance.

13. General

  • I will help HRF fulfil its vision & mission and raise funds to help those in need;
  • I will perform my volunteering role to the best of my abilities;
  • I will meet the time commitments and standards undertaken, other than in exceptional circumstances, and provide reasonable notice so that alternative arrangement can be made;
  • I will declare any medical condition I may have, in respects of any activities or event I will be volunteering for, I will provide a note from my GP to state if I am able to participate or not;
  • If necessary, allow and permit HRF explicitly to perform an Acuity/PEP database search in my name and agree to a police/CRB/DBS check being carried out;
  • Volunteers must ensure to follow HRF instructions whilst travelling abroad with the HRF team at all times.
  • Volunteers are responsible in understanding FCO advice and the lack of consular support and accept the measures HRF implements with regard to safety;
  • All volunteers will be covered with our insurance group;
  • All volunteers will be staying at a suitable accommodation;
  • Whilst travelling, volunteers will be in vehicles that have been hired by reputable agencies;
  • The vehicles they will be travelling to and from have been equipped with appropriate means in case of any emergencies;
  • Employees travelling with Volunteers have been trained as first aiders;
  • Volunteers are responsible for their own belongings whilst travelling with the HRF team and through their time on their deployment;
  • Volunteers will be provided with a list of emergency contact details;
  • Volunteers have been provided with a sufficient induction and training;
  • Volunteers must understand that they are voluntarily taking part on this trip and they may be travelling and working within areas of unrest which may affect their mental well-being;
  • Volunteers must adhere to staff guidance and instructions at all times.



  • You shall confirm that you are 18 years old or above;
  • You will agree to raise a minimum of £5,500 before you are able to travel with HRF overseas on any international program;
  • You will raise a minimum fundraising target of £5,500 within a timeframe of twelve months and understand that if the deadline passes and I have not reached my target, HRF reserve the right to cancel my application and If I wish to take part in the program I will have to fundraise from scratch;
  • You understand that HRF reserve the right to cancel your application for whatever reason they deem necessary and any funds raised will be retained by HRF and will be allocated towards the intended projects;
  • You understand that certain factors outside of HRF control can cause the program to be delayed, postponed or cancelled;
  • If the program is to be cancelled for a valid reason outside of our control, you will have the right to request a refund of any donations made. Any donations which are refunded will be made to the donor who made the payment and not to yourself;
  • Any donations that are made, are made to HRF and not to the participant. The participant cannot request a refund of any donations on the donor’s behalf. If the donor would like a refund of their donation, they will have to provide a valid reason as to why they are requesting a refund;
  • All cash donations are to be handed in to the nearest HRF office or deposited into HRF account. No cash donations can be taken overseas by participants unless approved by HRF management;
  • Any fundraising activities organised by you must be approved by HRF staff;
  • You are not permitted to raise funds for any other charity or promote any other charitable organisation at a fundraising activity for HRF;
  • You will take part in any training or workshops organised by HRF as part of the program. Failure to participate in any training or workshop can lead to your application being cancelled and any funds raised will be retained by HRF;
  • Whilst fundraising and travelling, you are representing HRF and must comply to regulations set out by HRF. Any behaviour or activity whilst representing HRF that can cause unnecessary harm to HRF can lead to your application and trip being cancelled;
  • Whilst overseas, no volunteer is permitted to leave the hotel under any circumstances unless they are accompanied by a member of staff;
  • You must follow HRF staff instructions at all times, this is due to the safety and security of all staff and volunteers
  • If you are to cancel your application, any funds raised will be retained by HRF and if you wish to re-join the program, you may need to restart your fundraising;
  • If you postpone or cannot make the trip for whatever reason, the funds raised will be allocated to the upcoming trip and you may not be guaranteed a space on the next trip;
  • As this program will bring you into contact with either children or adults at risk, you will be requested to undergo a record’s check via the Disclosure and Barring Service. You have the responsibility to carry out your own check and provide an up-to-date DBS certificate. We will be obtaining any relevant information from you in regards to the DBS certificate. You will not be permitted to travel without an up to date DBS certificate being provided;
  • Personal cash can be taken; this amount must be declared by you to the deployment management team prior to travelling;
  • You will travel with HRF at all times and will be under HRF supervision till you return to the UK.  All HRF equipment, clothing and merchandise is to be returned to HRF upon the completion of the program. The program is completed upon returning to the UK;
  • A breach of any of these conditions will lead to your application being cancelled and can also lead to a suspension of your volunteer activity with HRF. This suspension will either be temporary or permanent depending on the breach;
  • You agree to abide by the code of conduct above and its provisions;
  • You agree to abide by all relevant HRF policies and procedures.

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