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Syria Appeal

The United Nations has called the Syria conflict the biggest humanitarian crisis in modern history. 

Almost 500,000 people have been killed since the violence began in 2011.

As of February 2016,  4.6 million Syrian refugees are understood to require humanitarian assistance. The number of people who have lost their lives in unverifiable, but sources estimate the death toll as high as 470,000.

Over 1,000 refugees are leaving Syria and travelling to Jordan every single day. The total number of people who have left the country is now over 4 million. Half of these are children.

From our permanent offices in Jordan, Human Relief Foundation is working with those who have survived the conflict to find adequate housing, food, water and shelter. 

Human Relief Foundation has been working with Syrians since the conflict began in 2011, and we will continue to help them for as long as they need us.

Through working with Syrian refugees we gained an understanding of their needs and learnt that their immediate needs were food and accommodation - so that's what we have been providing. In our recent partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme, we fed 100,000 refugees a month.

Please join us in our mission and, because we are already there, your donation will reach a needy Syria in a matter of hours.

HRF has provided hundreds of children with school bags, stationary and school books. 


In winter, temperatures reach -7 and as a result, many people have lost their lives due to the cold many of them children.

Furthermore, there is no food or water in the areas that the refugees are residing in. 

Human Relief Foundation - who have long worked closely with the Jordanian authorities and partners are distributing emergency aid. We continue to provide thousands of families with winter blankets which help them get through the harsh winters. 


Due to the lack of funding, the Jordanian health services have stopped all medical assistance refugees. Human Relief Foundation has stepped in and is providing medical assistance to those with critical illnesses. Hundreds of refugees have benefited from this project. We have also helped pay for wheelchairs, physio therapy, and operations that people need.

 More than half of the refugees who fled Syria are children.  Most of them are behind on their education. Most of the families don’t have the necessary means to pay for their children’s travel requirements and additional items that they need for school including, stationary and school uniform.

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