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The Yemen Crisis: This Bitter Earth


The scale of the situation in Yemen can seem overwhelming. A country in which the world’s worst humanitarian crisis has left tens of thousands dead or injured, a collapsed healthcare system, 7.4 million suffering acute malnutrition, including over 2 million children, 80% of the population in need of humanitarian aid, and 16 million waking up hungry every morning, can leave you feeling as if nothing you do will make a difference. But it will. 


The Power of The Pound


Although you may not be able to help everyone, you can help some people. So, whatever you do, be sure to know you’ll bring about positive change, for no pound sits in isolation, each one joins a community of pounds doing good in Yemen. And the people of Yemen need our assistance now more than ever, as the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) adds another layer of suffering to lives already blighted by civil war, famine, and environmental disaster. 

Working together with You, and our local teams, we are organising a major food distribution project that will feed some 28,000 Yemenis in the coming months. People already have compromised immune systems, due to malnutrition having made its presence felt. But healthy, nutritious, food can help combat this situation, making people more resilient to illness and infection. 


How To Help: Yemen 


There are lots of ways to get involved, but one of the best ways to donate to Yemen is to set up your own fundraising page. 


Fundraising Page 

The power of fundraising is that it gets your friends, family and work colleagues involved – both supporting you through donations, and spreading the word about the situation in Yemen. And some will even follow your lead and fundraise for themselves.


Yemen Appeal Donation


You can of course simply donate to our Yemen appeal through the website (See Below). Quickly transforming lives without having to set up a fundraising appeal. 


Social Media


Another effective means of supporting the people of Yemen is to follow our social media platforms - sharing our posts about the work we’re doing, and the general situation in the country. It’s not in the news much at the moment – having been swallowed up by our own coronavirus situation, economic troubles, and Brexit - but your efforts can help it sit front and centre once again. 


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