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A Winter Wonderland: Emergency Winter Appeal 2021


A Winter Wonderland: Emergency Winter Appeal 2021


For the refugee men, women and children driven from their homes by conflict or hunger, the winter is anything but a wonderland. It is for many a time of misery and indignity, where simply getting through the day is a triumph. 


Many will be housed in tents situated in remote and inhospitable areas, where winter’s bone is most keenly felt, and snow, sleet, and rain offer no respite to people who have already suffered greatly. Often lacking even the most basic items, a distribution of nutritious food, warm clothes, heaters, and fuel for stoves can be a life saver - keeping immune systems strong, and helping to stave off winter illnesses. Particularly COVID-19.


How You Can Help Them Survive The Winter 

  • £25 will purchase critical gas heating cylinders for a family
  • £15 will purchase a warm winter blanket
  • £15 will keep a family tent warm & stove running with 40 litres of fuel
  • £60 can provide a family with enough food to last them up to a month
  • £50 can provide someone a complete set of warm winter clothes, including a jacket
  • £50 will equip a family with a heater to keep their tent warm
  • £25 will purchase critical gas heating cylinders for a family


Why Your Help Is Needed?

In Jordan and Lebanon there are in excess of 1.6 million Syrian refugees, Iraq has some 3 million internally displaced Iraqis living in temporary shelters, and a further quarter-of-a-million Syrian refugees, and in Yemen over 3 million are internally displaced (IDPs), with 80% of the population requiring humanitarian assistance.


Where Your Help Is Needed? 

Our 2021 Winter Crisis Appeal is a targeted response that is aimed at not simply giving refugees and internally displaced people from Yemen, Syria and Iraq more dignified lives, but life itself. For they exist on society’s fringe’s getting little but crumbs from the table. If that. As such they are at greatest risk from sickness and death.


3-In-1 Appeal

Such is the scale of need at this time of year means that our campaign couldn’t be limited to a single location – which is why it is simultaneously a Yemen appeal, a Syria appeal / Lebanon appeal, and an Iraq appeal. Covering a trio of locations where suffering is most acutely felt in 2021. So, in deciding to donate to our winter charity appeal you will be are touching the lives of people from 3 countries - helping Muslims, and non-Muslims alike who have often lost everything. Including hope. But the simple act of kindness that is supporting the campaign and donating to Syria, Yemen and Iraq, can change their lives, and help restore their faith in human kindness.

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