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Human Relief Foundation

Development Cooperation

HRF supports people in need to build a better life and find their own solutions to local and global problems by building local capacities and rehabilitating and developing infrastructures.

HRF works towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, especially MDG 3 - Development and Poverty Eradication - and MDG 6 - Protection of the Vulnerable.

Our work concentrates on the following sectors:


As health is intrinsically linked to development, HRF works to improve health infrastructures by rehabilitating and sponsoring hospitals, clinics, health care centers, and mobile clinics and through the provision of capacity building for doctors, nurses, paramedics, and medical management personnel.


As water is a basic need to which every person should have unrestricted access, HRF is working to improve water infrastructures through digging wells, rehabilitating and building water treatment plants, water recycling and providing training for engineers and water treatment plant maintenance staff as well as for local people in maintaining water resources.

In all our activities, we encourage capacity development, the protection of human rights, and the empowerment of women.


The goal of every child being able to complete at least primary education has been enshrined in MDG 3. Yet, millions of children worldwide still do not have access to schools. Education is intrinsically linked to sustainable development - it can break the cycle of poverty giving children and youth more opportunities in their lives. HRF engages with the education sector in two ways: one - through rehabilitating schools and providing school children with school materials and sports equipment, and two - through vocational training for orphans and vulnerable children to provide them with skills enabling them generate an income.

Capacity Building and Livelihoods

As already mentioned, HRF provides professional training in the medical as well as the water sectors in addition to the training provided in conflict transformation skills. Apart from these main areas, HRF provides a variety of other trainings (vocational training, organisational capacity building, leadership skills, management skills) to individuals, disadvantaged communities, and organisations to enable them to become self-sufficient and build sustainable livelihoods.

Seasonal Programmes

Through Seasonal Programmes, such as Ramadan, Qurbani and Christmas, HRF, in cooperation with local communities, businesses and organisations provides food and clothing aid to families in need in some of the world’s poorest countries.

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