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Human Relief Foundation

Conflict Transformation

HRF is currently expanding its capacity building
activities into the realm conflict transformation.

HRF believes that the potential to resolve ongoing conflicts, transform political systems and rebuild countries affected by conflict lies within the respective country's society. We believe in empowering people to develop themselves and find their own solutions to the problems they face.

Whereas people within the conflict are typically viewed as the causes of conflict and outsiders as providing the solutions, HRF believes that long-term solutions to (political and other) conflicts originate from and are strengthened by individuals and groups at the local level. The goal is not to resolve all these conflicts today, but to create an environment conducive to solving the conflicts tomorrow: to create peace from below and build capacity to allow democratic societies to flourish. HRF aims to provide capacity building for conflict transformation, with a special focus on disadvantaged groups and young people.

Conflict Transformation

HRF's conflict transformation work includes training and skills development as well as ongoing support and coaching in conflict analysis, conflict prevention, conflict management, conflict resolution, conflict engagement, peace building, conflict transformation project and action development and conflict sensitive project cycle  management.

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