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Human Relief Foundation

Suhoor and Iftar

During the Holy month of Ramadan, fasting is observed by Muslims worldwide.

Fasting is the act of abstaining from food, drink, smoking, bad deeds and sinful acts or thoughts between the hours of dawn and dusk.

Dawn is referred to as the suhoor meal, which means morning meal (closing of the fast) and dusk is referred to as the iftar meal, which is known as the evening meal (breaking of the fast).

During this auspicious month, it is extremely beneficial and rewarding to feed those in need through the fasting period. It is a time to remember those who suffer from hunger and starvation on a daily basis and not just during the fasting period. 

While we sit comfortably amongst our family and friends during iftar meals this year, let’s spare a thought for those who don’t have this simple privilege.

Click here for further information on how you can help Human Relief Foundation in its bid to support the impoverished and hungry this Ramadan.

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