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The gift of giving is not simply with the receiver. It is an act that cuts both ways. For giving is also a gift to the giver. And this is never more so than when supporting an orphan – for your charity not only alleviates a child’s immediate situation, but changes their future for the better.


For almost 30 years we have, with your support, been improving the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged children through our Orphan Sponsorship programme. Yet the need remains as relevant as ever – for conflict, neglect, sickness and poverty continue to leave children having to fend for themselves.


At this special time of year, this family time of year, we ask that you join us in helping those who have no family of their own to rely on. It costs just £35 a month to sponsor an orphan. Your generosity will guarantee these children a safe place to sleep, food to eat, and the ability to continue with their education. You will receive an annual report so you know how your orphan is progressing.

Your monthly or yearly sponsorship covers an orphan's basic needs. This includes food and school kit. Plus you will receive an annual report so you know how your orphan is doing.


To sponsor an orphan for a month. Please choose your orphan from the list below. Then proceed to the form and write your name and orphan name. Then fill out the Direct Debit form.

You will receive an email confirmation and our Orphan Department will be in touch with you.

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Under 'Donation Cause', make sure to select 'Orphans'.
Additionally please fill in payment frequency as Monthly and payment amount as £35.00

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