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Eat is a small word that does a lot. It is the action that breaks your fast, it is the step that ends your hunger. Yet for many this Ramadan their fast will not be broken. Their hunger will not end. For theirs is the un-chosen fast.


We have an appetite for positive change. For helping the ordinary folk who pay the highest price during unstable times. But our work would be nothing without your compassion and generosity. For it is your appetite for charitable giving that has allowed us to feed hundreds of thousands of people in need in Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Pakistan and many other countries.


With many people still suffering hunger, from Rohingya’s in Bangladesh to displaced people in Yemen and Jordan, our food distribution projects continue to expand. We therefore ask you to donate so we can continue saving lives this Ramadan.

And they give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan, and the captive.

(Quran: 76:8)
Ramadan Human Relief Foundation


This year, we will be personally distributing essential food packs to our brothers and sisters in countries including Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Pakistan. Vulnerable people rely on your kindness and generosity; we pray that when the crowds gather to receive food this Ramadan, we will have enough to feed each and every person.


Our food packs are locally sourced by quality suppliers and are made up of various essential food items such as rice, oil, flour, onions, lentils, salt, and semolina. These are then packed and distributed to the most needy. They can feed a family for up to two weeks.

Donate towards our Food Projects easily on this page, or call our donation hotline 0207 060 4422.

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