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Clean water is not a luxury. It is the moral right of everyone. Yet 663 million people live without it – a mass of ordinary people, often children, who spend extra-ordinary amounts of time walking to collect water for their families. And the consequences of the situation are profound - with diseases from dirty water killing more people each year than all forms of violence, including War.


This is why we put so much energy and effort into bringing clean water to communities. It is a gift that keeps on giving – for when folk no longer spend hours collecting water, children can return to school, families can improve their economic situation, people stop dying from unnecessary diseases, and communities thrive.

It is why we ask, at this special time, that you become part of this quiet revolution by making a charitable donation which extends far beyond the point of giving.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) was asked, “Which charity is best?” He replied, “Providing water”.
(Abu Dawud)


If you decide to build a pump or well with us, you also have the option to add a message on your plaque. This could be in memory of someone, the name of the donor group, or a quote. Once you have made your donation and received a receipt email, please refer back to this page and fill out the form below.

Water Pump/Well Plaque

Please write your name here.

Please write the text you would like on your plaque here. Please keep it short and simple i.e. In memory of [full name].

When the pump or well is finished, you we will send you photos of the pump or well with your message on. If you do not want a message, simply proceed To payment and we shall do the rest.

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