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Ameen Orphans


"Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor, the orphan and the wayfarer." (Muslim)

Our families are the people who are constantly there for us; the people who care for us and will always be there to provide love and support. Of course, the true value of family is never more apparent than it is during the Holy month of Ramadan.

This auspicious month is the perfect time to reacquaint ourselves with our faith and our family, recognising the importance of family and working to educate the next generation about Islam and what it means to be a Muslim.

While we may provide endless love and support to our own children, not every child is lucky enough to grow up as part of a family.

This Ramadan, take the opportunity to turn your attention to the many thousands of orphaned children across the world. Without the vital support and guidance of parents, many of these children are left to face the world alone, through no fault of their own.

Not only do they miss out on the love and care that a family provides, but many of these vulnerable children are left without clean, safe water and the essential food needed for survival. Similarly, every child deserves the right to an education, but the majority of these orphaned children struggle to access the teaching they are entitled to.

Thanks to your generous support and donations, Human Relief Foundation is able to ensure that vulnerable, impoverished children and orphans around the world have hope for a brighter future.

Over the years, we have been working tirelessly to build schools and mosques for vulnerable orphans, as well as providing essential school supplies and meals for children who have been left with nothing.

It costs just £35 a month to sponsor an orphan. Your generosity will guarantee these children a safe place to sleep, food to eat, and the ability to continue with their education.

Help to make that bright future a reality and donate to our ‘Ameen’ campaign this Ramadan.

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