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Ameen Food

Ramadan is the perfect time to come together to bring food to our brothers and sisters around the world who have nothing to eat, and to feed their children. Donate today.

It is reported that Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

"Feed the hungry, visit the sick and set free the captives." (Bukhari)

Fasting during the hours of daylight is an integral component of the Holy month of Ramadan. It allows us the ability to reflect on our personal relationship with our faith while growing closer to Allah (SWT) and recognising the sacrifices made by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

However, once the sun dips below the horizon and night falls, we gather with our family and friends to enjoy iftar and fuel our bodies ready for the next day’s fast. 

But for some around the world, the fast of Ramadan is a daily occurrence, a necessity rather than a decision to be made. 

Sadly, daily hunger is an issue which still affects many people around the world – in today’s world, there is no excuse for anyone to go hungry. Whether it is through poverty, lack of resources and essential supplies or due to the devastating effects of conflict, the simple fact remains that many thousands of people struggle to access the food they need to survive. 

When you are opening your fast this Ramadan, spare a thought for these vulnerable people for whom food is a luxury. 

This year, please join us as we come together to bring food to our hungry brothers and sisters around the world. Every child and every family deserve the basic right to have food on their plate – we are dedicated to making this dream a reality.

For Ramadan 2018, Human Relief Foundation will be travelling to deliver essential food packages to those who are most in need.

This year, we will be personally distributing essential food packs to our brothers and sisters in countries including Iraq, Jordan, Ghana, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Vulnerable people rely on your kindness and generosity; we pray that when the crowds gather to receive food this Ramadan, we will have enough to feed each and every person.

Donate to our ‘Ameen Food’ campaign this Ramadan and help us feed those most in need around the world.

Food packs

Our food packs are locally sourced by quality suppliers and are made up of various food items such as rice, oil, flour, onions, lentils and semolina. These are then packed and distributed to the most needy. They can feed a family for up to two weeks.

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