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Ramadan 2022


It’s hard to believe, but Ramadan is once again just around the corner - with the month of Ramadan expected to take place from 12 April to 11 May this year. Twelve months ago, as we put our Eid celebrations to bed, it seemed impossible to believe that the Coronavirus pandemic would still be holding us in its grip. But it is. So, perhaps this year, more than any other year, after 12 disrupted months of separation from friends and family, Ramadan presents us with an opportunity too fast, pray, reflect and celebrate (albeit virtually) with our community.   


When Is Ramadan 2021?

As Ramadan moves ever nearer, we can all do our bit to mentally, spiritually and physically prepare ourselves for this most blessed date in the calendar year. Righteousness and high Imaan (faith) go hand in hand during Ramadan. But at a time of hardship, when the certainties of yesterday have been replaced by a worrying and ever-changing landscape of lockdowns, tier systems, school closures, and furlough schemes, we may not be able to rely on a miraculous Imaan boost when 12 April arrives. That doesn’t mean we can’t counter these worries and distractions. By taking small and vital steps to build up Imaan ahead of Ramadan we can ensure we are more than ready to meet the holy month with a heart at peace, and a mind at rest. And in so doing, ensuring we take full advantage of Ramadan’s blessings.   

5 ways to Prepare For Ramadan 2021?

Ramadan may be different this year, but it needn’t be any less memorable - or successful. Here are five ways you can prepare for Ramadan 

1. Make Good Intentions Ahead of Ramadan 2021 

We may be in the midst of a pandemic this Ramadan, but we can still set intentions for each act we commit to. After all, the Prophet Muhammed ﷺ said: “Actions are according to intentions, and everyone will get what was intended.” If we place importance on each physical act we undertake - and ensure we have a purpose for each action - we can all get the very best from Ramadan 2021.

2. Reciting The Qur’an Regularly 

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims everywhere put aside even more time to delve into the Qur’an, with many setting a goal to read it in its entirety. If you haven’t dipped into the Qur’an for a while you may find you are a little rusty; it may take you a while to read a chapter, and you could find it a struggle alongside your long days of fasting. So, why not start early? Recite the Qur’an in the days and weeks leading up to Ramadan and you will find you’re far more likely to delve into it when Ramadan rolls around. Get into a daily habit now and you will thank yourself later. 

3. Voluntary Fasting before Ramadan

As Sayyida Aishah narrated: "The Prophet used to try to fast on Mondays and Thursdays" [Tirmidhi, Nasai, and Ibn Majah] - and while fasting twice a week is not only Sunnah (Prophetic Practice), or tradition of the Prophet, it’s also great for your body. Plenty of studies show that intermittent fasting is an opportunity for the body to cleanse itself of waste, while increasing metabolic rate and helping burn more calories. Adopt this practice ahead of Ramadan and you may find it comes more natural to you when the fasting period truly begins.

4. Healthier Eating Habits 

Fried and processed foods may be tempting, but they are also often high in calories and trans fats. Eating a lot of them can negatively affect your health, with a link between consuming these food groups and an increased risk of heart disease. During Ramadan, these foods are in abundance, so do yourself and your body a favour by cutting down now and setting a discipline early. Ramadan is the perfect opportunity to follow a healthy diet that can last throughout the year and prevent health problems; set the tone now by starting as soon as you can.

5. Making Intention To Give Charity

As we all know, Ramadan is the month of giving, so why not introduce some good financial habits into your day now? Whether you opt to give to charity (in a true act of Zakat, treat your neighbour to some food, or give gifts, you will be engaging in mercy, compassion and affection - and when we give, Allah gives back to us, in both this world and the next. So, set the tone now by creating some good habits and your reward for these actions will surely be multiplied.

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