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Human Relief Foundation

Palestinian Appeal

Your donations will help us deliver aid to Palestinians who are struggling. Donate today!

We are delivering food and medical care to those worst affected and work in partnership with local health providers and hospitals, to ease the suffering of Palestinian families.

Medical aid

Following a recent attack on protesters, HRF and partners responded to the urgent medical needs in Gaza strip and have since provided local hospitals with urgent medicines and aid to help those injured and affected.

We are appealing for further donations to help provide needed medical aid to the local hospitals.

Ramadan food pack

Many Palestinians don’t have enough to eat and many families also face a food shortage, which means that poor families are unable to access nutritious food.

This Ramadan, we are delivering food packs to families in need. Our food packs are locally sourced by quality suppliers and are made up of various food items such as rice, oil, flour, onions, lentils and semolina. These are then packed and distributed to the most needy. They can feed a family for up to two weeks.

Iftar at an elderly care home

This Ramadan, we are giving you the opportunity to earn the rewards and provide iftar for at least 100 elderly citizens at an elderly care home in Gaza.

For over 27 years, Human Relief Foundation (HRF) has been relieving human suffering and saving lives in some of the poorest regions of the world.

We can distribute your aid to the neediest of people in Palestine. Be the answer to someone’s prayers this Ramadan.

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