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Human Relief Foundation

Palestinian Appeal

Help us support suffering Palestinian families. Donate today.

Through your donations, we are delivering food, providing medical care and emotionally supporting those worst affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Working closely with local health providers and hospitals, we are committed to helping innocent Palestinian citizens overcome their hardships – and your support can make a real difference.

Why We’re Helping

Each day, innocent people are faced with a terrible reality – starvation, lack of shelter and a shortage of medical supplies are trapping Palestinians in a daily fight for survival.

Everyone deserves basic human rights, which is why Human Relief Foundation and our partners have responded and pushed for further charity aid in Palestine, hoping to supply these vulnerable people with much-needed essentials for everyday life. Help us to make a real difference to the lives of these people in their hour of need.

What We’re Doing

Your donation really does have the power to save lives, offering a spark of hope for families who haven’t eaten or slept comfortably for weeks. By donating with Human Relief Foundation, you will be supplying innocent Palestinian families with food and medical supplies – giving them the strength to survive another day.


Many Palestinians are struggling to eat each day, as the area is faced with an intense food shortage. The poorest families are suffering the most, often going days without food or being unable to access nutritious goods. Human Relief Foundation is dedicated to delivering food to the most vulnerable people, sourcing quality local produce such as rice, oil, flour, onions, lentils and semolina. Each food pack funded can feed a family for up to two weeks and together with your help, we will be able to package and distribute these foods to those who are most at risk.

MEDICAL AID - Any Amount

Living on war-torn streets puts a huge demand on medical services. People are regularly injured throughout the region, forcing local hospitals and Palestine charities to put extra focus on medical aid for the people of Gaza. We are asking you for a small donation that will bring new, quality medical treatments to those injured or affected by the ongoing conflict in the area.

As one of the most experienced charities working in Palestine, Human Relief Foundation has spent the last 27 years relieving suffering and saving lives. Help us to continue our charitable work by donating to our Palestine appeal.

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