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Human Relief Foundation

Helping Widows

We assist widows in whichever country or area the need arises. We do not want them to suffer any more than they already have. You can support a widow and her family with HRF.

Conflicts across the world have left
behind millions of widows.

Helping Widows Human Relief Foundation


In countries where women are scarcely educated and have very few purchasable skills, this means widows and their children are left without the support of a bread winner in the family. Children are often taken out of education and required to work to support their families. They become trapped in a lifestyle in which poverty is prevalent, struggling to feed and clothe themselves, and living without the opportunity to receive adequate medical care should they fall ill. The death of a father in a family in the middle east tends to mean prolonged misery for the woman and children he leaves behind.

Human Relief Foundation believes in empowerment.

Widows At HRF

Through our training and capacity building programme for widows, we work directly with vulnerable women overseas and give them access to skills workshops, financial management awareness and empowerment, so that they can find a job and support themselves and their children.

Human Relief Foundation has assisted thousands of widows in learning valuable skills and transformed the lives of widows and their children all across the world. Your donation to this project means that you are giving a woman the chance to permanently change her life, by allowing her to provide for her family and keep her children in education.

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