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Human Relief Foundation

Sponsorship at Human Relief

As a sponsor for an orphan or vulnerable family
you can give with confidence.


The money that you give will be given to  your specified child or family. 85% plus of all of your donations go directly to the children and families you have opted to assist. HRF is proud of this legacy and is striving continuously to improve and develop efficiency systems so that 95% of all financial contributions can go directly to the children.

We believe it is essential for our sponsors to have the confidence that no more than 15% of any donation will ever be used towards administrative costs or staff salaries.


A monthly sponsorship of £25 to £35 per orphan or £35 to £45 per family will make a sustainable and lasting impact on their lives.

This is a minimum amount. If you are capable you can chose to pay more and your extra contribution will go directly to help the child or children you have sponsored by providing;

  • Healthcare
  • Educational and schooling fees
  • Food parcels
  • Accommodation support
  • Emotional support
  • Clothing parcels
  • Footwear

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