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Policy & Terms of Reference

Terms of reference of sponsorship programme

Policy Terms of Reference Human Relief Foundation

We are pleased to present you with a summarised list of terms and references adopted by HRF in order to give full understanding about the terms and boundaries of your relationship with the organisation and your sponsored orphan or family.

  • If a sponsor needs to terminate sponsorship we ask at least 30 days notice to be given to HRF to allow us to seek alternative provisions for your orphan or family.
  • If a sponsor fails to maintain financial commitment towards the sponsored orphan or family the following protocols are applied;

* HRF will send the first reminder to the sponsor after 90 days, by either second-class mail or email if available.

* After 120 days of no payment and no response the sponsorship agreement between HRF and the sponsor will be cancelled and the orphan or family will be reallocated.

  • All orphans or vulnerable families are individually assessed and monitored for suitability of receiving sponsorship by qualified field officers.
  • Unless a sponsor has committed to OVF sponsorship exclusivity (which supports the additional needs of the orphan or family) the orphan or family may receive sponsorship from multiple sponsors.
  • Photos from the website should not be downloaded or replicated without written consent from HRF.
  • Written permission must be confirmed by HRF before any contact or correspondence is made with the children or their family.
  • When contacting and corresponding with children, sponsors should not solicit any information regarding exact locations, direct telephone numbers or personal information that has not already been provided to the sponsor in the sponsor packs. If ever a sponsor feels they require additional information about the orphan or family then they should not hesitate to contact a member of the Orphans and Vulnerable Families department of HRF.
  • Sponsors are reminded to always consider the privacy and dignity of the orphan or family they sponsor. For this reason any photos any photos or information of your sponsored orphan or family is for your own use (unless specific permission for alternative use has been approved by HRF).
  • When orphans or families leave the sponsorship programme, should a sponsor wish to stay in contact, details will be made available with the consent of the orphan and their family.
  • If sponsors decide to leave HRF then contact details will be left under a high level of privacy and confidentiality. HRF will use these contact details for further communication unless there is a prior request to stop further correspondences.

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