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The team travelled to the war-torn city to deliver essential aid and water to those fleeing the war in Mosul.

Iraq Mosul Humanitarian Aid Human Relief Foundation

A team of humanitarian aid workers returned from Mosul, Iraq, yesterday with heavy hearts having encountered the desperation and suffering of displaced people.

The team travelled to the war-torn city to deliver essential aid and water to those fleeing the war in Mosul.

The Hasan Shami camp is on the brink of a humanitarian crisis and was therefore a high priority for Human Relief Foundation (HRF). Displaced families inside the camp complained about the infestation of insects, scorpions and snakes.

To add to this injury, there is a serious shortage of food and water supplies.

The team witnessed the agonising situation of the children's ward at the HRF-funded Ibn Al Atheer Hospital in Mosul, which is frequently targeted by ISIS. Six children passed away in one night alone and with the severe shortage of medical care, many more are likely to follow.

The team spoke and gave comfort to survivors of air strikes and bomb attacks in a second hospital also funded by HRF.

HRF is committed to providing food packs, medicine, and water in and around Mosul, which is extremely scarce and can be a logistical nightmare for many aid agencies.

HRF is supporting the displaced people of Mosul on an ongoing basis. Please donate today and support those who are facing horrific circumstances every day.

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Note to press

Human Relief Foundation is based in Bradford and is a registered International Non-Governmental Organisation. It has bases in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Swansea and Liverpool.

Launched in 1991, it seeks to promote sustainable economic and social development, supporting local communities to build a better life and find their own solutions to global problems.

It is registered with the UK Charity Commission (1126281 & SC038671).

If you have any media enquiries, please phone the Marketing Department on 01274 392727 or email


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