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Human Relief Foundation

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Representatives from the Bradford-based Human Relief Foundation (HRF) are to fly off to Austria to assess the needs of refugees and migrants who have fled their countries.

The trip is part of the ‘Path Of Mercy’ project, which was launched by HRF to help aid the most vulnerable refugees camped out in primitive conditions, fleeing war and significant atrocities in their home country.

Through ‘Path Of Mercy’, a team has been actively working within the ‘Jungle’ in Calais, organising effective distribution and coordinating efforts to support those who have arrived to the location to distribute aid.

Dependent on needs in Austria, HRF may travel to neighbouring countries if the needs are already met.

Further information on the Path Of Mercy project can be found at Updates are also being provided on HRF’s Facebook and Twitter.

Note to editors

The Human Relief Foundation is based in Bradford and is a registered International Non-Governmental Organisation.

Launched in 1991, it seeks to promote sustainable economic and social development, supporting local communities to build a better life and find their own solutions to global problems.

It is registered with the UK Charity Commission (1126281 & SC038671).

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