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The theme for World Water Day 2018 is ‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century.

World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water. The theme for World Water Day 2018 is ‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century.

Here at Human Relief Foundation (HRF), we believe that clean water is a right for everyone.

World Water Day Human Relief Foundation

The world's water crisis is very real with 884 million people not having access to clean drinking water. Every day the number of people dying from diseases related to water is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every four hours.

What developing countries are lacking are the resources to implement equipment to make water sanitary and safe. This is why HRF works in multiple countries and provides the local community with the resources to live better lives.

What is more, through our breadth of experience working in fragile states, we at HRF, have witnessed first hand how floods, droughts and water pollution, all of which impact on the quality and quantity of water, exacerbate the devastating impact of conflict. In regions of Iraq, for example, the frequency and extremity of droughts are forecast to increase. This will increase water scarcity, while the high demand for water, in part due to the large numbers of displaced persons and refugees, will likely subject Iraq’s water resources to extreme and increasing stress.

Rebuilding damaged ecosystems

Damaged ecosystems affect the quantity and quality of water available for human consumption. Through its partnership with Lemon Tree Trust, HRF is helping to rebuild ecosystems in Domiz refugee camp, Iraq. The project combines greening innovation, which makes living spaces ecologically resilient and sustainable, with urban agriculture practices and involves a range of activities including tree planting.

Increasing access to water

HRF builds quality waterpumps and water wells, which helps the local beneficiaries gain access to clean water. The water supplies in their local vicinity also mean families can grow crops in their locality and sustain themselves.

This is why HRF has been actively rebuilding damaged ecosystems by digging for water in the city of Mosul, much of which has been destroyed due to the conflict. This water has helped families drink, clean, and sustain themselves.

World Water Day Human Relief Foundation

HRF’s Pakistan office was also quick to respond after devastating floods destroyed water supplies and infrastructure in 2015, and continues to provide water supplies to those most in need.

“There are 5-6 houses and there was one pump installed over here that got damaged due to floods. Water scarcity increased. There is ease after the installation of this pump. We are very thankful to the person who donated this for us.” – Beneficiary, Rajanpur, Pakistan


The Support For Life programme, which helps individuals living under the poverty line in Kenya and Pakistan, contributes towards irrigation, planting and farming. All beneficiaries receive training by HRF staff and have the ability to sustain themselves for the future.

World Water Day Human Relief Foundation

HRF has also worked with the UNDP to implement its Cash for Work Stabilisation Agriculture Project in Al-Hajaj, in which a feasibility study was conducted into building resilient river-based farming systems through the replacement of conventional irrigation equipment with solar-powered equipment.

Saving water and nature

Many of our waterpumps and waterwells have additional features that allow any waste water to benefit livestock belonging to beneficiaries. This in turn, contributes to saving water and looking after nature and animals in the local area.

World Water Day Human Relief Foundation

You can help provide water to the most needy through us at HRF.

Click here to find out how you can build a pump or well today.

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