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Human Relief Foundation

Love You Mum

This Mother’s Day, give your mother the ultimate gift.

Buy your mum a contribution in a bee farm or organic farm or livestock or a tailoring unit and help make a real difference to people’s lives.


Your donation will provide families with valuable training on beekeeping thus resulting in the production of honey, which they can sell into the local community.


Your donation will produce training, organic seedlings to support the growth of fresh healthy vegetables which the beneficiary can sell to the local community.

Livestock farming

Your donation will provide a household with either chickens or cows, which they will use to produce eggs or milk. This will then be sold to the local community to generate an income.

Tailoring units

Your donation will support the training of garment making, sewing machine, textiles and the overall production of numerous textiles such as dresses hijabs etc. which the beneficiary will sell to the local community.

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