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It's Time TV

It's Time TV will be broadcast in weekly episodes on YouTube and will air during Ramadan 2017.

This year, we will be producing a series of programmes 
focusing on all things Ramadan. 

It's Time TV will be broadcast in weekly episodes on YouTube and on this page - and will air during the holy month of Ramadan 2017.

Official It's Time Ramadan Campaign | Trailer 

It’s time for us to introduce our anticipated Ramadan campaign of 2017. This year we will give your Zakat, Sadaqah and other donations to the people who are most in need, which we aim to deliver with compassion and respect.

Ramadan Reminders With Adam Kelwick | it's time to care

Please enjoy the first in our series of Ramadan Reminders as we reflect upon those around the world who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Filmed by Jordan Dinchev.

"You live in Heaven and you don't even know it" | Waseem Iqbal

HRF's Waseem Iqbal shares his personal and emotional experiences from relief missions abroad.

Filmed by Haitham Mark and Jordan Dinchev.
Edited by Haitham Mark.

"This little girl has not smiled once" | Aasim khan

HRF's Aasim Khan recounts harrowing stories from refugees, and how the HRF deployment team worked together to fundraise for a needy family.

Warning: This episode contains scenes some may find upsetting.

Filmed by Haitham Mark and Jordan Dinchev.
Edited by Haitham Mark.

RAMADAN reminders with adam kelwick | It's Time To Protect

Join us for the second episode of Ramadan Reminders with Adam Kelwick as we spare a thought for children across the world.

Filmed by Jordan Dinchev.

"Five minutes later all of them passed away" | Kassim Tokan

HRF's Deputy CEO recounts the stories he has heard from families who have fled their countries in fear for their lives.

Filmed by Jordan Dinchev.

"These are the realities people in Mosul are facing" | Nizar Dahan

HRF's Nizar Dahan shares his journey with HRF and his active participation in relief efforts in Mosul.

Filmed by Haitham Mark and Jordan Dinchev.
Edited by Haitham Mark.

Ramadan Reminders With Adam Kelwick | It's Time To Feed 

Join us for the third episode of Ramadan Reminders as we empathise with those who have no certainty in what or when they will eat next.

Filmed and edited by Jordan Dinchev.

"I sit here and wait for my mother..." | Shareen Nawaz 

HRF's Shareen Nawaz shares the tragic story of the man who was separated from his mother in Iraq.

Filmed by Haitham Mark. Edited by Haitham Mark.

As well as observing this long awaited, prestigious month, it is our goal to inform and educate people about the numerous benefits of the celebration.

At Human Relief Foundation, we hope to educate people about the customs, traditions, and countless rewards of Ramadan – and we hope that these programmes will help us spread the word.

Please bookmark and revisit this page each week to watch the latest show in the series.

If you would like to donate towards any causes featured on It's Time TV, please visit our Ramadan 2018 page or call our hotline on 0207 060 4422.

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